Friday, December 29, 2006

We're Having a Baby family that is (almost got ya there hu?).

Yes, it's true, my brother Josh and his wife Amber are pregnant. I'm going to be an aunt! Not until August...but still.

Probably the funniest part about it is, is that they have had a bet going about who was going to be the first to have kids. Well, everyone thought it would be me (haha - but so did I...). Josh made sure I knew that I lost and he won. Which I am very glad about. there needs to be a child running around my parents house - there are far too many old people.

I wish you guys knew them and could understand the craziness of them having a baby is going to be. they are so cool. and they're going to be parents. my parents are going to be grandparents! wowzer.

Anyway, I guess this is really only exciting for me, but that is why I shared it. and dang am I excited.