Friday, December 29, 2006

We're Having a Baby family that is (almost got ya there hu?).

Yes, it's true, my brother Josh and his wife Amber are pregnant. I'm going to be an aunt! Not until August...but still.

Probably the funniest part about it is, is that they have had a bet going about who was going to be the first to have kids. Well, everyone thought it would be me (haha - but so did I...). Josh made sure I knew that I lost and he won. Which I am very glad about. there needs to be a child running around my parents house - there are far too many old people.

I wish you guys knew them and could understand the craziness of them having a baby is going to be. they are so cool. and they're going to be parents. my parents are going to be grandparents! wowzer.

Anyway, I guess this is really only exciting for me, but that is why I shared it. and dang am I excited.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

in yo' face

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just look how we've grown...or something...

I'm not quite sure what I want to blog about, so I have collected some random pictures from a while ago that I thought would be fun to look at.

Man, my hair is so long and curly. and Nikki and Trisha's hair is short. We are much young.
I can't believe this was almost a year ago. or that I wore that. or that Danielle is quite pregnant in this picture. That is one random Christmas tree.
Here is my mom and I - she is clearly more excited about this photograph being taken than I am. I really miss that brown jacket; I seem to have misplaced it. sad.
Aw, we're so cute. This was like year and a half ago at Trevor's farewell. That is crazy. but our hairs are very good looking.
Well, I think it is acceptable to conclude that my friends are awesome and we have been together for quite some time. I'm impressed.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And it was amazing

I just wrote a whole paper on this painting. I saw it at the Church's Museum of Art a couple months ago. It was pretty much amazing and definitely so much better in person. It is a really good painting with some pretty excellent stories behind it. Like that a lot of the figures were modeled after homeless people; and that the model for Christ at first refused to model, but later agreed; and that all the white is actually the canvas, not paint; and that when the lights shining on the picture fade, Judas (far left) fades away and Christ is emphasized.

But anyway, this is all I've got that is remotely blog-worthy. So enjoy.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I'm not qute sure what to say.

Classes are going pretty okay. I am learning how to beat boys up, so that is always fun.

I almost got to go on a date with Tim (yes, the Tim); but alas, it will be Zach instead.

I almost dated a 27 year old. But don't worry, I am still single. Which is a good thing?

The new roomates are pretty cool. Definitely no stinkers in this apartment.

I though this shoe was pretty amazing and thought I should share it with everyone.

So yes, I guess that is all.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trading Down?

Yes folks, that is right, I have officially been accepting into UVSC. Not that it's hard or anything; I mean, I was accepted 5 seconds after I applied. But still...

The reason for this sudden change of schools is because I have decided to go into their Culinary Arts program. I figure, why go to a very expensive Culinary School in another state when I can go to UVSC, pay way less, and get the same education.

However, money has definitely been a stress. While UVSC is slightly cheaper than BYU, there are several fees to take cooking classes. Let's ring up some of the expenses:

For each 4.5 credits of cooking class, you have to pay $250 - and there are usually 2 classes a semester;
Tool kits, which are required, are $515;
uniforms, also required, are $50 dollars a set and they recommend 3 sets (I don't know how I feel about spending $150 dollars for crazy black and white checkered pants).

So, all in all, that is about $1165, on top of normal tuition, that I will have to hand over by Winter semester (which is when I will actually start into the program). I don't know about you, but that is a lot of money that I don't have. It may be better than if I went to a prestigious Culinary School, but still.

But a good thing is that my parents have been incredibly supportive - which is kind of surprising. Not with my mom (she is always supportive), but my dad didn't have any complaints when I told him. I guess he has realized that I'm really not going to carry on the tradition of being a physicist. He seems to be all for the plan. So that is definitely a big plus (like this +).

The good thing is that I will be done in 2 years. The sad thing is that I will only be getting my Associates Degree. The scary thing is that my mom wants me to get a bachelors - I mean, I'm all about more schooling, but I don't know if I could handle 4 more years.

Anyway, aside from the stress, I am dang excited. I will be cooking all day and working all night, with room for homework in there somewhere, but it will be so worth it. Anyway, fun stuff.

And I just thought I would take this amazing opportunity to say: The Painters are In...literally

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mystery of the EXPO Revealed

Look, just look at this beautiful creation

What kind of car is it, you may ask? It is a Mitsubishi Expo. And it is my car - only mine is in a light blue.

But what is it really? Well frankly, I haven't a clue. It's sort of a mix between a car, and a van, and a sport vehicle. I have decided that it's about time I get down and dirty with the origin of my car and clarify what, in fact, it really is. So, let's begin:

Here is a Honda Odyssey:

My car is somewhat shaped like a van. It seats seven; but really only 4 comfortably. You see, it is very compact "van" - Micquel can barely fit in the very back, and that is saying something.

This is a Volvo Station Wagon

Mostly I just think it's behind looks a lot like mine.

And this here is a Nissan Sentra:

I think the front is similar - the hood is very small.

This is a Jeep Sport, but it only looks similar from certain angles, namely this one:

From the profile view, it looks very similar.

Well, there you go. For the sake of getting this darn post posted, I will let you decide for yourself what my car is. All I know is that I like it just the way it is.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

SEVEN evidences that I don't need to be sitting on this phone book

7 really excellent movies:
She’s the Man
Love Actually
Runaway Bride
Notting Hill
Beauty and the Beast


7 favorite books:
This Lullaby
The DaVinci Code
Alt Ed
The Queen of the Big Time

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
This really good book I read in Mexico but can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.

7 favorite songs:
Mat Kearney – All I Need
Missy Higgins – Nightminds
Howie Day – End of Our Days
Amos Lee – Colors seem to fade
Alison Krauss – When you say Nothing
Pearl Jam – Color Blind
Brian Adams - When you Love Someone

7 favorite foods to eat:
My mom’s Salmon
My dad’s BBQ anything
The amazing cookie dessert at Brick Oven
My dad’s rice crispies

7 things I have wanted to “be when I grow up” before I realized that you actually need talent:
Art historian
Mom (although I hope I have talent for this one)

7 favorite friends:
If you don’t already know how much I like you, then you may or may not be on this list. But I assure you, there are indeed seven.

7 things I want to do before I die:
Go to Europe (Italy specifically and the Louve)
Speak good Italian
Fall in Love and Get married in the temple
Have children
Follow at least one of my dreams
Become something I can be proud of

Keep in touch with my friends

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Oh, what a hunk

I think I have run completely out of things to say. There really is nothing there. I think perhaps because there is a growing hunk that is quickly clogging up any entertaining thoughts from entering my brain. I hypothesize that this hunk is made up of all the things that are bothering me. Somehow, they have started out singular and grown to a plethora in very little time. I suppose I could name them off, but I'm sure they are very boring and not likely to bring laughs or "good times". So, for now, I am trying to take down this hunk, one thing at a time. When I feel a gap growing, I will blog again. But for now, I like you all very much and I only wish that movie-watching was appropriate all the day long.

Monday, May 22, 2006


that bed bugs can go 6 months without a feeding?

because i didn't.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm done, WooHoo...and Other Insights

So, if you haven't already guess, I have finished The DaVinci Code. Yes, it was amazing, and very tricky. But don't worry, I still got it.All I can say is I can't wait for the movie.

Now I can start reading mindless books where the boy and girl fall in love in ways that would never happen in real life. I am quite excited.

Oh yes, and I am thinking of changing my major to Food Science or Nutritional Science. The reason being that I really want to go into cooking. But that would mean I would have to go to like New York or some crazy far away place with no one I know in order to get a decent training or degree or what it is you get to become a chef. So I was thinking I could go into something food related here at the good old Y and then, if I work up the courage, go away to a good cooking school. The only problem with these majors is that I would have to take Physics, Chemistry, Biology,...I think you get the picture. They are very hard classes. So I am still searching for a major that would fit with the cooking that one day I might be able to create something that looks like this:

or maybe even something like this:

(yes folks, this is a cake)

Here is another amazing one.

Hey, maybe I could even make your wedding cake one day.

And this one is just for fun. It is a 15 pound burger. That is crazy. I would never make you this, but I still think it is amazing.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm Thinking...

that I am fat and maybe should lose some weight.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Quiz for Every Emotion

Considering the current events happening in our lives, and the fact that school is over and I have time to do whatever I want...which means nothing productive, I have decided to go snooping around for some fun. This is what I found. I hope you enjoy:
(ps. before you begin - BFF = Best Friend Forever, BF = BoyFriend, BGF = Best Guy Friend...just helping those of you who may be a little out of touch)
---and if you are too lazy to create an account, I suppose you can use mine.
login: password: rcardoso
um, yes, don't ask - I was in junior high

Since most of you are quickly developing romances, I thought this quiz would be of some help...
Are You More Than Just Friends?

And for those of us who are having trouble in the guy department, I thought this could solve some problems (not that we have any, it's them with the problems of course)...
How Do Guys See You?

And for those of us who can't help but preplan your wedding, this one seems fitting...
What Type of Bride Would You Be?

And for those of you who don't like boys, here's one for you...
What Kind of Imaginary Creature Are You?

And mostly I just want to know what all of your results are for this one...
If Your Life Were a Movie, What Genre Would It Be?

I hope you had fun pretending you were in high school again. I bet you can't guess what my results are. hahahaha - I hope at least one of you gets the hint. Oh yes, and I do want results back from each of you.

Monday, April 10, 2006

um yes, I think that covers it

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Quest for Something of Importance

So, considering I couldn't think of anything to blog about, I decided to share some pictures that I think you will find amusing. . .

Well hello there hot things
This is at Danielle's wedding. You see these somewhat infamous dresses. Yes, this may be the only time you see me with my shoulders bare and no bra on in public (ps, this does not count in my living area). However, the black shawls and insert things on the neck line were my doing. I know, I am quite the seamstress...not. But it was fun anyway. And Danielle does so not look pregnant in that dress.
Still friends after all these years...or just one

Wow, I didn't think I had a picture with this many of my friends in it (unfortunatly we are missing Becca). I think we all look pretty proud of ourselves. We were in high school. Crazy.

Can you say snap shot?

Frankly I think this picture is too funny to not showcase. This is one of very few pictures of me that I can stand looking at when I'm not all gussied up and posing. My face is just so perplexed. I wonder what I was thinking. And what is Debbie looking at?

Monday, March 13, 2006

MAN ALIVE......literally

After many months, I have finally recieved a letter.
I am so overjoyed there are no words.
I think Miss Liberty says it all.
I may allow you to see this aformentioned letter,
as I will most likely be carying it with me when you ask.
It may be the best one yet.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

dance dance dance

Are you itching to dance like this...

or maybe this...
or even this...
and how about like this...(okay I was totally joking about that one)

....if you answered "YES" to at least one of these, then maybe you should think of coming to a UVSC dance with me on Friday. I have been informed of this dance through a certain boy (who told me on Monday - to be sure that I could plan on going). I don't know if I could ever go alone, so that is why I am calling on my wonderful friends (that would be you) to come with me (your very desperate friend) for at least 10 minutes on Friday...probably around 9:30 or something. I'm sure you have already made plans without me, but a few minutes of your time is all I ask.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I miss you

So, for my new blog I decided I needed pictures because I have never had pictures on here before. However, I couldn't think of anything to "google" to find some super-cool random pictures. So, instead, I have taken a gander down memory lane to gather some super-cool random pictures of my family. I hope you enjoy, and I'm not that sorry if you don't, because my family is amazing and I love them, even when they're crazy, which is all the time.

If this doesn't look like a familiar place that is because it is on a boat - a huge one. Yes, this is almost 4 years ago on my families cruise to Alaska.
Here are the kids (minus TJ and plus Amber) looking at Kris's headshots (yes, he is an actor, and quite the good one too - he's in yellow). I am in the corner with the blue shirt if you didn't notice. Josh is looking quite laughable with his bleached hair. Definitely not one of his best looks.
Here is me and Connie eating in the eating place - we spent a lot of time here, a lot. I think that is Josh's elbow on the right. Obviously I am having a wonderful time.

Now we can skip to Christmas 2002.
I bet you can't guess which one I am. Kris and Josh are looking a little too happy this early in the morning. The grumpy people stay on the left. Wow, the kitchen looks so different now. Oh yeah, and you can see the amazing dresser my dad built on the right. It is the most amazing dresser I have ever seen, I can't believe my dad made it. He is just amazing.
This may be one of my favorite pictures. Simply because it is just so funny, and also so true to the boys in the family. It's Christmas morning and they are lounging on the bed playing the video games. Amber looks quite adorable scrunched up sleeping. She always sticks by her man. Oh yeah, and my dad built that headboard too.

This is Graduation last year. Not as much fun, but still a momentous occasion I suppose.

Here is me and my mom. I got two bouquets of flowers, both equally pretty. That cap is so no good. But my hair isn't looking too bad I must say. And of my mom looks wonderful because she is the only reason I have made it thus far, she did give birth to me after all. I think we have the same smile.

This is at Trevor's house last June.

Aaah, and here are some of my future in-laws stuffing their faces...i mean....

This picture speaks for itself.

Well, that is the end of my gander down memory lane. Good times.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Want to have fun on Saturday?

So, basically Allen text messaged me and told me he is having a big Halo party at his house on Saturday around 9:30. I was really excited, but then (and now) kind of scared of going alone because I'm sure it is going to be mostly boys (and all his friends). Anyway, if any body wants to come with me that would be amazing - and you would be able to see/meet him. If not that is still cool...I guess I will just have maybe go by myself.

Oh yes, and more good news - my dad may be able to help me pay tuition, which is just about the most amazing thing ever. So I can spend money now. Not go crazy of course, but not conserve like mad. Anyway, it may not exciting to any of you, but I am dang happy about this course of events.

And my blog is finally working, which deserves a major woohoo. So, WooHoo. Now get out of here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I would just like you all to know that I talked to my father and I was given an okay on the moving out. He couldn't have really refused me, but getting the approval is definitely a plus. Now I just have to break the news to Portia - but that shouldn't be too bad I hope.

Well, fun stuff. I have had two nose bleeds (haha - wait, I don't think I have shared this story of my father's with you, but maybe so. Basically it has to do with saying "bloody nose" in Enland. anyway.) in the past two days - wierd, and very annoying. I can't figure out why it is happening. My theory is that it is raining. I got one yesterday and it rained today, I got one today and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. We shall see.

I just noticed I used the word "father" twice already. That is really weird.

w e i r d OR w i e r d ? I think the first one is right but I have used both spellings, just in case.

Oh yes, and still no sign of my scarf.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Woo Hoo

So, basically I am sick of the old post and I am quite excited (okay not really) at the moment because I just finished a paper before 10:30! I mean, I am going to be reading over it tomorrow morning and making adjustments. But the fact is that I wrote it and it is done and woohoo woohoo. My first big assignment of the semester is over.

Okay whoa, I think I was getting way to excited with my words. Although I don't think it was portrayed but there was so much of it going on in my head. Like, having another two or three "woohoo"'s in there and an emphasis on the "over". Anyway, I'm not that excited, but it is late and my eyes hurt and I have eaten way to much food and I am never going to lose weight. But I DO know what the four worldly philosophies are. I will tell you. They are Hedonism, Secularism, Individualism, and last but not least, well, maybe least, not, Materialism. Fun stu--

man alive I just got the inkling to watch some Friends episodes. It has been far too long. It must happen soon, perhaps tomorrow since I am going to be majorly slacking off due to the hard work I have exerted this week.

And I am pretty sure my scarf is lost forever in the black abyss that is edge of our galaxy - perhaps much like that episode I have on tape of the Simpsons where Homer is in 3-D. funny. hahahahah hahahahahaha. okay not that funny. I am laughing really really hard in my head - but not outloud, but in my head there is a wild Mexican party going on filled with craziness. This has gone too far - I am going to let it continue in my dreams and not on the post - which is scarying me more than I ever thought possible.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Cute Squeaky Squeaky, Now Please Die

So, other than school starting, there are much more pressing matters at hand. Like the fact that there is a mice collony living in my basement and yesterday around 10pm, one scurried over my feet while I was taking my clothes out of the dryer. Yes, I did jump and I did yelp. I'm not really scared of the little suckers, but I just don't like knowing they are in my house. But not to worry, my dad came over and we put "poison" throughout so they should be gone and dead soon. Anyway, it was quite the disturbing experience, but I'm glad it is somewhat taken care of.

On to better things, like marriage. Unfortunately (or not, in some cases), it is not me who is getting married. Danielle got married on Thursday. As many of you know (meaning all) I was one of her bridesmaids. Andrea Porter was her other one and she didn't have a maid of honor. The wedding was actually really nice. I am afraid I am too tired to go into detail. If you really want to know, just ask me. There really wasn't anything too exciting. Our dresses were halter-top style with a blueish-greenish color. I put in inserts to cover the clevage area and also made shawls for both of us. They turned out really cute actually. Her mom is like the coolest person ever. I have always liked her. Anyway, fun.

I am really tired and I really don't want to do this whole school thing. Mostly because I am afraid I'm not going to be organized enough and I will forget to do all of my homework and then I will fail. poo.