Sunday, October 23, 2011


Do you guys remember this episode from friends? Joey is such a keeper. (ps, my favorite part about the youtube video is that it looks like it's going to be in spanish, but then it's not)

I made pretzels last week for my German class (where we learn how to read German but not how to understand or speak it...good thing my teacher is an actual German with an excellent sense of humor). We were having a "German" food party for class and I decided to make homemade soft pretzels. I found a super easy recipe here. And when I mean easy, I mean I had never used yeast before or made real bread (ok ok, aside from working at a bakery for two years...but that was different!), and they turned out amazing both times I made the recipe. 

They were pretty delish, and there weren't any left over. They were no mall pretzels, but they were pretty good.

Here's some more tidbits of our weekend/week:

  • Jantz's good friend came into town from Colorado, so we've been doing lots of fun guy things (aka watching sports, staying up late, and going out to eat). Jantz has been extra sweet and let me skip out on lunch to go shopping. I haven't been shopping by myself in a long time. I found some nice dress pants and a cute top. It's funny how even just one new piece of clothing can make a girl feel special.
  • My mom took me out for breakfast this morning. I love breakfast food. especially hash browns, and pancakes/waffles/french toast, and sausage and bacon. pretty much all of it. I love it. and when my mom gives us a bag of halloween goodies to take home, you just can't go wrong.
  • I had a huge breakthrough with my thesis this week. And by breakthrough I mean I found out some really great news. While talking with my advisor and going over my progress, she let me know that first, I was right on track, and second, that the length I had assumed my paper had to be was totally off. And hey guess what, I'm really close to being done, and I still have a couple of months before deadlines. Huge. weight. lifted. off my shoulders. I can't even tell you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

some wedding picture gems

So, we got our pictures back from our Utah reception (a week after the wedding). I was SO excited!!! finally some pictures! Here's just a few gems I found:

just after jantz took my garter off...this was the second time, and i didn't realize how high i had it haha

i love jantz's face in this picture

 my big fam, who graciously flew out to Utah. love them

my adorable friend and photographer, becca, from Rebecca Clary Photography

Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend recap

The weekend was much needed. I have been getting more and more stressed as the weeks go on. Writing my thesis seriously might kill me. Thankfully through every breakdown Jantz is there to remind me that it will all be worth it and that it's almost over. It's really sweet...if only it got me more pages per week haha.

We skipped our Movie Saturday and opted instead for Back to the Future on our DVR. I think it was a choice well made. But last week we saw 50/50. loved it. and definitely got teary-eyed. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt has always been a fave since 10 Things I Hate About You)

It seems I've forgotten about about our camera recently, since it was Jantz who had to remind me that we should start taking pictures again (him? a boy? asking if we could take more pictures???). Honestly I had forgotten where the camera actually was...if only I had checked our dresser haha. So, I guess we've resolved to take more pictures. Which is definitely ok with me, especially because now you don't get to see the delicious dinner we made yesterday, which I will now have to describe :)

While grocery shopping last week, Jantz had the brilliant idea to make a roast for dinner on Sunday. And so we bought all the necessary props (meaning a roast and potatoes. i begged for carrots, but he refused), and Sunday morning before we had even eaten breakfast, he asked if we could put dinner in the crock pot. haha. Since neither of us had ever attempted making a roast in the crock pot before (all we had were memories of our mothers' delicious results), we pretty much winged it. Jantz was in charge of searing and seasoning the meat, while I cut up potatoes and garlic. After a good six or so hours, and only a tiny bit of worry that it would not be good, it turned out to be really good. Perfectly seasony and garlicy, and not dry at all; and the potatoes were so flavorful. Really guys, it was good, and I only brag because I have yet to actually be proud of something I made for dinner and couldn't wait for the leftovers. This may turn out to be our Sunday dinner tradition.

thesis progress=0 dinner-making skills=1   see, it all works out