Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I miss you

So, for my new blog I decided I needed pictures because I have never had pictures on here before. However, I couldn't think of anything to "google" to find some super-cool random pictures. So, instead, I have taken a gander down memory lane to gather some super-cool random pictures of my family. I hope you enjoy, and I'm not that sorry if you don't, because my family is amazing and I love them, even when they're crazy, which is all the time.

If this doesn't look like a familiar place that is because it is on a boat - a huge one. Yes, this is almost 4 years ago on my families cruise to Alaska.
Here are the kids (minus TJ and plus Amber) looking at Kris's headshots (yes, he is an actor, and quite the good one too - he's in yellow). I am in the corner with the blue shirt if you didn't notice. Josh is looking quite laughable with his bleached hair. Definitely not one of his best looks.
Here is me and Connie eating in the eating place - we spent a lot of time here, a lot. I think that is Josh's elbow on the right. Obviously I am having a wonderful time.

Now we can skip to Christmas 2002.
I bet you can't guess which one I am. Kris and Josh are looking a little too happy this early in the morning. The grumpy people stay on the left. Wow, the kitchen looks so different now. Oh yeah, and you can see the amazing dresser my dad built on the right. It is the most amazing dresser I have ever seen, I can't believe my dad made it. He is just amazing.
This may be one of my favorite pictures. Simply because it is just so funny, and also so true to the boys in the family. It's Christmas morning and they are lounging on the bed playing the video games. Amber looks quite adorable scrunched up sleeping. She always sticks by her man. Oh yeah, and my dad built that headboard too.

This is Graduation last year. Not as much fun, but still a momentous occasion I suppose.

Here is me and my mom. I got two bouquets of flowers, both equally pretty. That cap is so no good. But my hair isn't looking too bad I must say. And of my mom looks wonderful because she is the only reason I have made it thus far, she did give birth to me after all. I think we have the same smile.

This is at Trevor's house last June.

Aaah, and here are some of my future in-laws stuffing their faces...i mean....

This picture speaks for itself.

Well, that is the end of my gander down memory lane. Good times.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Want to have fun on Saturday?

So, basically Allen text messaged me and told me he is having a big Halo party at his house on Saturday around 9:30. I was really excited, but then (and now) kind of scared of going alone because I'm sure it is going to be mostly boys (and all his friends). Anyway, if any body wants to come with me that would be amazing - and you would be able to see/meet him. If not that is still cool...I guess I will just have maybe go by myself.

Oh yes, and more good news - my dad may be able to help me pay tuition, which is just about the most amazing thing ever. So I can spend money now. Not go crazy of course, but not conserve like mad. Anyway, it may not exciting to any of you, but I am dang happy about this course of events.

And my blog is finally working, which deserves a major woohoo. So, WooHoo. Now get out of here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I would just like you all to know that I talked to my father and I was given an okay on the moving out. He couldn't have really refused me, but getting the approval is definitely a plus. Now I just have to break the news to Portia - but that shouldn't be too bad I hope.

Well, fun stuff. I have had two nose bleeds (haha - wait, I don't think I have shared this story of my father's with you, but maybe so. Basically it has to do with saying "bloody nose" in Enland. anyway.) in the past two days - wierd, and very annoying. I can't figure out why it is happening. My theory is that it is raining. I got one yesterday and it rained today, I got one today and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. We shall see.

I just noticed I used the word "father" twice already. That is really weird.

w e i r d OR w i e r d ? I think the first one is right but I have used both spellings, just in case.

Oh yes, and still no sign of my scarf.