Thursday, March 22, 2012

April 9

That is the date of my thesis defense. 2 1/2 weeks. Whoa. These past couple weeks have been full of re-writing and re-reading. And I think/hope I finally have a great paper :)

I'm super excited, but also scared to death to defend (and to do everything comes after that, ie. move to another state, find a job, find a place to live). It's kind of funny. I've been waiting years to be done with school, to get a real job, to have no homework at night. But now that it's slowly about to come's kind of really scary. I'm not qualified to be in the real world! haha, ok I guess I am. But looking for jobs is quickly becoming one of my least favorite things to do. Not because I can't find jobs, but because I hate applying for them. Readjusting my resume and rewriting cover letters is just no fun. But I know I have to do it, and I really am excited to start something new.

Sorry for the lack of posts...although hopefully our wedding pictures make up for some of it. haha.

That's most of what has been going on at our house. Oh, and Jantz and I are going to the museum today to see what is supposed to be an amazing Islamic exhibition :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Wedding: the ceremony

I should preface this with a clarification...once I posted pictures of our invites, I realized I left out the best part of marrying Jantz (ok it's definitely not the best part). I didn't have to change my last name. Apparently I'm pretty lucky - I don't know what that means since I didn't have to go through the process haha. Don't worry, I didn't marry my cousin (that would be gross). We're not related (i mean, just look at us. opposites), just a weird coincidence :) And if your thinking I'm now going by "Gardner-Gardner", well, your pretty funny, and original ;)

Everyone made there way out the door and then it was my turn (yay!). And it was looking to go perfectly.....until my dad and I left the front door. Just as we rounded the corner where everyone could see us, I realized I had. forgotten. my. bouquet. How you ask? I honestly have no idea. I guess I was occupied with something getting married. haha. I stopped mid-walk and whispered to my dad that I forgot my flowers, to which he ran back in the house to get them, and I got to stand there awkwardly as everyone watched (and filmed). Somehow we didn't get any pictures of it, but the video's pretty great. Once I had my beautiful bouquet in hand, we kept moving :)

The walk to the altar began at the front door (around on the left) and wound down around the house

to stone steps (next to a waterfall, gorgeous) that led to the lawn, 

which then led through the chairs and up to the middle of four trees where Jantz was waiting. It was long, but it was a beautiful walkway. As my dad and I walked down the steps I could begin to see Jantz. He's not one who cries much, but I was hoping for at least a smidgen of tears on our wedding day. I watched him as we left the steps and I promise I saw him get a little choked up (I don't think he's denies it, but in case he does, I say that it happened), and of course I was getting all sorts of teary-eyed. It was precious.

Once we made it down the aisle, I hugged my dad and took my place next to my future husband. 

I don't really remember what the bishop said (except that Jantz should always be "dating" me, which is a-okay with me). Jantz repeated his spiel and said "i do" - or maybe we said "yes" . . . I seriously dont remember. and then it was my turn and I totally said "yes" before I was supposed to . . . I hope no one heard me haha. Then we kissed and everyone was happy.

The one awkward thing about the ceremony was that Jantz and I hugged several times. I mean, they were good hugs, but it was awkward because kissing just seems like more a "wedding ceremony" type of action. Plus, hugging in front of a big group of people who are all staring at you is just weird.

Anyway, after we were "man and wife", we weren't really sure what to do (i promise we walked through it, but it was really brief and we didn't so much pay attention to the end part haha). So once we walked back down the aisle we sort of just stopped and everyone came over for hugs and such.

Then we started with the pictures.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Catch up

Here's my real quick post to have something better than my last post at the top. haha

Being busy doesn't even begin to explain this week. My thesis (a real final thesis) is due on Friday. When I get it back from my advisor it will go straight to my second reader. And from there it will go to all my committee. And then, my friends, I will defend my thesis (and hope/pray that it's successful).

So.......yeah. That's why I've been MIA.

But just to catch up, here's some fun things we've been able to squeeze in these past few weeks:

-made dinner (chicken taquitos) and desert (lava cakes) with the bestie and our husbands (and their adorable little girl). It was mucho delicious (because taquitos are spanish?) and a lot of fun!

[speaking of taquitos...Jantz says tAHquitos, whereas I say tUquitos. I feel like tAHquitos sounds more...proper? snooty? I don't know, but I like when people say it that way and I did not expect to hear him say it like that. haha]

-Jantz's dad came to visit. We went to dinner at some steak place...I cannot remember the name...but it was delicious. The second time in my life that I've ordered steak - prime rib for that matter - at a restaurant...and both of those times have happened this year. I blame Jantz.

-I finally have sucked Jantz into the Food Network. Granted, he'll only willingly watch Restaurant: Impossible. but that's progress people.

-oh, and! two of Jantz's sisters got engaged in February! And we are SOO excited for them!

-we finally got Jantz a new wedding ring! He hasn't been able to wear his...ever really because it gives him a rash on his finger (tmi? haha). So we finally went into our jeweler and got him one that he loves and that he nows wears at all times. It's so weird now seeing him with a ring on haha.

-and most notably, Jantz has been incredibly patient and supportive this whole semester as I stress over and work constantly on my thesis. There have been many days (and there will be many more over this next month) when I have to "ignore" him while I research/type/edit/research/type, when all I really want to do is spend time with him. He has been such a loving husband through all this. And I feel so lucky that he's mine.

-and so I don't leave you with too much lovey stuff. I also made oreo truffles while Jantz's dad was here. (thanks again deb ;) They were way easier to make this time because I only did half a batch and I heated up the chocolate in the microwave instead of in a makeshift double broiler on the stove that always goes skiwampus (cheating? yes. way easier for me to manage? heck yes). I'm glad that after all the dozens of times I made them I've finally found an easier way.....But you know, we could just buy a double broiler. haha.