Friday, October 28, 2005

finding better days

wow, that was quite a profound and dramatic title for a completely opposite post. It is really just in respondance to that GooGoo Dolls song - you know, "you'll find...better days", which was just on. Anyway,

I just thought you all should know that I just drank milk straight out of the carton for the very first time in my life. Oh the luxuries of living alone and of knowing that no one is ever going to drink the same milk as you.

Anyway, I am off to pick up my dear mother from the the rain, which could be scary, but that is okay - it will be worth it.

I like you guys a lot and I'm glad I have friends. And even though I am a slacker at hanging out, we are always hanging out - in a little corner in my mind....or something about me being tired and having a lot to do so instead I am writing this.

PARTY party party

Hey guys,
So, I was going to do this yesterday but I didn't have time. Basically I am just reminding you of what you are planning to bring to the shindig on Saturday.

Debbie - Cookies
Nikki - Salsa (and don't worry about the milk, I have to buy some for this breakfast thing and if all else fails, the Creamery is like 2 blocks away)
Micquel - Chips (tortilla and potato)
Trisha - Drinks
Rosemary - Candy and movie
Teri - whatever you can think of but I think Ice Cream would be the best thing

Well, that was fun. Oh yeah, and I am providing pizza. I guess I should go discuss that:
So, I'm not quite sure when to order the pizza - probably like 6 or something. And this was the input I was given for the toppings: cheese, pepperoni, hawaiian, and then maybe half no pepperoni and half bacon and mushroom? That's like four pizzas...I can get a pepperoni for free and then I can get a buy one get one free - and then I guess I will have to buy one more pizza. If it's not a big problem, do you think we could possibly split some of the cost? Let me know if there are any problems with that or with the toppings - and where do you all want to get it from?

Okay, and I am also providing some sort of cake or brownie or something (basically whatever I feel like making Saturday afternoon while I get cable installed). Um, I don't think I have forgotten anything. I haven't called Jake or Kylen but it would be cool if they could come - and maybe even Paul but I don't know his number. I invited Andy and I guess bring whoever you please. I will probably call some of you later tonight.

Anyway, you're all really cool, and sorry for making this seem like some big ordeal - because it really isn't and I definitely don't expect it to be, I just have so much to do all of a sudden and I don't know how I am ever going to get it done. But anyway, call me if you have any questions or anything. My number is 801-815-3595 (sorry for the long distance - I keep forgetting to get it changed),

Friday, October 21, 2005

party party party

[Just so you all know, I sent an email to those of you who I have email addresses of, just to make sure you saw this]

So hey guys,

I guess I am just announcing that we are, in fact, having a Halloween/birthday party (for Trisha and Debbie, and me if it is wanted) on Saturday the 29. It is going to be at my house and there will be food and fun and scary stuff. You can invite whoever who want to (aka, girls who know boys – and of course anyone who I may have forgotten or just not had their email) and yeah, please give me any input you have on this subject of partyness because I don't know what I am doing.

So, for the food. We can basically have anything - pizza, I could make something, we could all make something together, I don't know - tell me what you guys want. There will be cake for the birthday part. Does someone else want to take care of that? I don't care what kind or if we even want cake - maybe we just want cookies, or cupcakes, or pie, or ice cream, or something like that - also let me know your opinions.

Also, the time. I don't think it matters what time, but I am thinking around like 6 or 7ish. Do any of you have work that is going to conflict with this? Should it be later, earlier? I actually just realized that I am having a breakfast thing at my house that morning for work - it's a long story that involves supposedly really good pancakes, and somehow it was delegated to my house. That is just going to weird having people I work with at my house, especially because it is not very presentable and smells like old people and it just seems odd. Anyway, so that should be fun...or something.

And, what do you want to do for the party? We could play like card games or something - I don't know whatever you guys want to do. We could watch a movie - I will have to do some rearranging and put a couch in the room with the TV, but it is definitely possible. We could watch a scary movie or something. Anyway, I have no idea what we are going to do so I think that someone (meaning all of you) needs to give some ideas of what to do. Do you want to go trick-or-treating around my neighborhood? Because we could, it might be weird, but it could happen.

What about decoration? Do you guys care if my house is decorated? I mean, there are already authentic spider webs all over so that is covered. If you really want decorations I'm afraid you will have to provide them yourself because I have nothing and I am not going to go out and buy scary decorations - my house is creepy enough as it is.

Oh yeah, and costumes are a must!!! I don't care what you look like as long as it doesn't look like your everyday self, but you aren't getting otherwise!...So be warned.

Sorry this is so long, but the date is fast approaching and I don't think anyone really knows if this is going to happen so I am here to tell you that it is. And I hate to sound demanding, but I really do need you (all of you) to comment on this or at least talk to me about it. It is necessary to your invitation (which I guess this post is, but it is necessary for your pass to walk through the door). If you want you can email me, but some sort of communication needs to happen.

Okay, I hope to hear from you soon,

(and if you have any awesome costume ideas you think I could pull off, please tell me - a thought just popped up of Marilyn Monroe, I mean, I've the "equipment" for it and I'm sure I could find a modest, yet amazing dress at the DI.....and I think you all should know that calling my boobs "equipment" was just about the weirdest thing ever - and sorry for the somewhat upfront language just now, that was weird too)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Well Hello there World

Hey guys, sorry for the slackingness. So, this Saturday, or rather, tomorrow, there will be a "get together" type thing at my house. I don't know what time, maybe like 2 or 3 or something. I have to go to a film for my film class until 12 and then I have to clean up a bit - unless you don't mind the scattered mess that is my house. No, I must clean at least a little, sorry. So yeah, um, I guess calling could happen, but preferably not so just call when you want to come over and post or else just come over after 2 or whenever you want to - chances are I will be home. Unless of course I say hi to this guy from my film lab for the first time and something amazing happens. I mean, um, yeah, nevermind.

So, my house sometime tomorrow and when all have arrived we can hang or get pizza and get a movie (aka Mean Girls) and make cookies. It will be loads of fun - we could even stop by the Creamery and pick up some stuff if it is needed. I went there for the first time yesterday, and I must say, it was kind of weird but also fun because everyone there is a student so it's not weird that I stare at food for long periods of time before deciding what I want. You know how indecisive I am and when I am alone it just gets worse.

Work is quite exciting and everyone I work with is just entertaining and hilarious. Debbie, you would be quite disturbed because there is this guy named Nephi, who by the way is like the coolest guy ever, and he hates shoes. He wears sandels all the time (well, until about an hour goes by and my boss comes out and comments about it and then Nephi puts other shoes on - there is a "no sandle" rule at work). Anyway, he is still amazingly cool and has the perfect guy hair. You know how I like guys hair to be long-ish but not too long and kind of shaggy - anyway, I'm pretty sure you all know. I was thinking about it and I don't think I have liked a guys who had this haircut or looked good in it. I know Trevor definitely does not look good with it - which makes me sad but I will learn to live with the shortness...anyway.

Well, there you have it. Still single and not loving it one bit; but that's just how it goes, isn't it. Everything else is going good and that is all for now.