Monday, January 28, 2013

Our first Christmas Tree and more fun December stuffs

If you're thinking "wait a minute, they were married last Christmas...", well, you would be right. But remember how we went to Disneyland last Christmas? Because we were gone, we didn't want to get a tree and have it rot in our apartment. So this year is the first time we had our very own Christmas tree. And the best part is that we picked it out and cut it down ourselves! (ok, Jantz cut it down, but I watched supportively).

We went with the whole family, and we found ours pretty quick, so while we were waiting we climbed this big scary rock.

loved it.

We went to Southlands one night with Brooke, Daryl, Larke, Luis, Jade and John to watch them light the tree. before, there was a little parade. I think we actually only stayed for the parade, then we were all too hungry so we went to Guadalajara's (one of our faves out here).

I don't remember when this was, but we went to a parade in Parker where they only have horses - no cars. It was so much fun and reminded me of my dad and mom, so that made it even better.

Jantz grabbed this antler headband and then took this awful picture of me wearing it. haha.  after this parade we all went to New Dynasty (best chinese out here. seriously so good)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update for January

I'll start with what is probably the most exciting news from the past few months: 

Jantz got straight As last semester.

That's right people, my husband is a genius. I never got straight As in college - trust me I checked haha. And he was taking some pretty tough generals - including stats. and I promise I only helped him slightly with his art history homework. Other than that, he did it all on his own, and I am seriously so proud of him - not surprised (i always knew he was a smarty pants), but so very proud!

Here's some other fun news...

This one is bittersweet, but....I got a teaching job! It's a general Art History class from Renaissance to 1900, which might just be my favorite time periods. I was super excited, but I found out over the weekend that not enough students were registered for they had to cancel the class. I was, and still am, pretty devastated about it. but there's really nothing I can do to change it, so I'm just hoping and praying that enough register in summer so I can teach then (I'm in the class schedule for summer too, and hopefully fall as well, so that's good). I'm just really bummed because I've been planning on it for a while, and I've taken a lot of time preparing, but I guess everything happens for a reason (at least that's what my husband keeps telling me. he's so sweet)....Now on to better news so I don't have to think about this sad stuff.

Jantz's birthday is on Friday! It's going to be pretty fun, not going to lie. I'm going to make him my delicious chocolate cake. ok it's not really "mine", it's from my Hershey's recipe book, but it is the best! (I was going to make him an ice cream cake because he doesn't think they are a real thing (even though they totally are!), but we decided chocolate cake just can't wait, so we're putting it on hold until Valentine's). I can't tell you anything else though, because it's a secret. I'm excited to surprise him and I really hope he has a great birthday!

We're finally finishing decorating our bedroom. Since we've moved in I've been wanting to take pictures/video of our apartment, but I've been waiting until it's "all done" (whatever that really means), and it's all been done except our bedroom. But a couple weeks ago we finally started hanging up things, and I must say, it really does make a difference. I'll have to take pictures to post.

I think that's most of the exciting things going on in our lives. I really do want to keep up with blogging, I just feel so busy that I would rather spend time with Jantz than post anything haha. But I do have some catch-up to do, so get ready for some updates on our Christmas and New Years :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thanksgiving in NYC

So, for my graduation present, my mom took us to New Jersey for Thanksgiving, and it was amazing. My aunt and her family live there and they're pretty close to the city (as in, New York City), so we took the train in a couple of days. When we weren't adventuring in the city, we stayed home, made crafts, played cuponk, and ate lots of food.

Instead of braving the insanity that is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, we went the night before to see them blow up the balloons. Turns out it is also as crazy-full of people as the actual parade. So we perused for a while and then got ice cream, and then dinner at a chinese place. It was a pretty fun night :)

The second time we went into the city it was just Jantz and me, and it was an adventure to say the least. Because of the hurricane, a lot of trains and things were closed, but we didn't check first to see what was and wasn't open. So we took a train to Hoboken, with intentions of taking the ferry. But the ferry is apparently closed on weekends, and the Path train that usually goes from Hoboken to NYC was closed because of the hurricane. So we were stranded at this station for a little bit ( stuff). Some lady worker told us we had to take a bus to another station and then take a train from there to the city (but not to the station we wanted to go to). I think this picture is from the bus waiting area - we were so close, and yet so far. So we tentatively got on a bus, hoping it would actually take us to the right place, which it did, but then we couldn't find the station for a few minutes. Once we finally found it, we had to refigure our plans, since it was going to take as twice as long to get there as we were planning. Eventually we finally got into the city (YAY), and made our way to Grimaldi's.

On our way to some delish pizza.

When we got there it was 15 minutes before opening and already a pretty big line had formed.  It was freezing outside so thankfully we only had to wait about half an hour.

Our yummy pizza and Jantz with his root beer. It was really good.

Then we made the trek across the Brooklyn Bridge from Grimaldi's to the Freedom Tower. Let me say again how freezing it was that day. Every other day was pretty nice out, but of course we chose the day that was cold. We still had a ton of fun though :) and took way too many pictures and video while on the bridge.

We went to Wall St, which was pretty cool. Loved the architecture.

Also loved the churches.

This thing is so huge. We walked around it and admired it hugeness.  Then we walked around some more trying to find a bathroom. Then we decided we had had enough city for one day and headed home. Both Jantz and I had been to New York before, but not together. It was really great being able to be there together.
While we were home, we played (aka, Jantz played) football with my mom and cousins)
and we made crafts
and turkey cookies
and balloon toys/animals.
Jantz and my mom made viking helmets and guns. haha

and we ate lots of yummy food. especially Thanksgiving dinner.

and we opened early Christmas presents. love this apron. i've definitely already used it.
oh and santa came and sat on Jantz's lap. haha.

Here's most of us - us, my grandpa and grandma, my aunt julie and uncle brian, my cousins, and my mom. love.
It was a really fun Thanksgiving that we definitely will never forget.