Sunday, November 20, 2005

$80 on clothes in 2

Well, this is really just a post so that I can say I have a new one, but I will try and think of something interesting to say. my dad got me balloons for my birthday exactly one week ago, and guess what - five of the seven are still afloat. I am quite impressed.

I wrote the Elder today. I really wish he would just come home already.

I also made salmon today, along with really good wild rice and some creamed corn. It was quite the decadent meal and I very much enjoyed it.

I just found a lone Cherrio on the floor which I have been looking for for the past 15 minutes. And no, I did not eat it - that would be yucky.

Basically I am so excited for Thanksgiving because it is just fun and eating turkey and making pies is also enjoyable. Blast! I really wanted to go see New York Doll on Saturday - I can't believe I forgot. Perhaps I will go next week sometime, but I must see it. If anyone else is interested, let me know.

You know, I found out a few days ago that there is only supposed to be one space after a period - I always put two. I thought there was an option and you could choose. But apparently two is from the typewriter days and since we no longer use it, only one space is required. I will show you the difference now. This is with two spaces. This is with one. Anyway, I bet you all knew that. I personally like two, and I'm afraid it is too late in my life to convert to the one space, so I am sticking with two, despite the many protests that are sure to follow.

Anyway, that is all. I really want a boyfriend, or at least just a boy that is my friend. Boyfriend sounds weird. If I ever get one, can I call him "my boy"? haha, that is funny, I'm glad I thought of that one. Okay, that really is all of my cleverness for the night.