Monday, December 22, 2008

Way Overdue

Yes, it's true, I didn't go to the library to drop off my 3 checked out books before I left for my dad's because the weather was so bad. They are due today. And I can't get logged onto my account on the internet because I think my card is expired or something dumb. So basically I won't be able to return them until like January 3rd. Sand news I know...Ok, I meant sad, but I had to keep sand because it is funnier.

But onto other the crazy amount of snow that fell upon us this day. That was madness. There was like two feet of snow on the street! Jared came to pick me up from my dad's and after we walked out of the house, he literally ran back to his car while I tried to slowly step in this long strided footsteps, but mostly I just laughed so hard from watching him run that I almost fell so many times.

Um, not having anything to do is really weird. No work. No school. Today I slept until like 11, but then I stayed in bed until like 2. ok, I got up a couple times, but still. It's so nice to sleep in, but also kind of boring.

I can't believe Christmas is on Thursday. So crazy. It doesn't seem like it's time yet. But I'm so excited for my family to be together! And Christmas is just so much fun I can't wait. I pretty much love any holiday when my family gets together and eats and plays games. Presents are good, but I'm terrible with them, and really what I care about is just being with the people I love.

um, NIKKI IS MARRIED!!! I still can't believe it, and I'm so happy for her and Monte! So cute.

So, my roommate painted my nails a very dark purple (not black like some may tell you) on Thursday and I have gotten quite a lot of grief about it from pretty much everyone. I didn't choose the color, but I do like it. Maybe not the darkness so much, but the fact that I can even paint my fingernails now that I'm not working with food. I do fell kind of emo though, which I could never pull off, so I probably look like a poser, but too bad. The bad part is that I don't have any remover, but I do have more of the nail polish, so...unless I go shopping tomorrow, I'm retouching them.

Song-o-the-Week: I Believe by R. Kelly...I got this song free on iTunes. What do you think about it? It was recent, so I assume it is apart of the Christmas musicness. I don't know if I necessarily like it, but it does send a good message. I'm mostly just confused. Isn't R. Kelly some hot manly sex symbol or something? I don't actually know, because I don't keep up on all those R&B/rap singers. But, you know, I'm all for those tough guy showing their soft side, so more power to him I guess.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


*I realize that Deb and I have the same blog title, but mine is for realsies.

and p.s. I should be studying for my Italian final, but, well, I'm not.

So, Saturday night whilst I was driving home from a fun day and night at Jared's house I happened upon some black ice down the hill on University Parkway going towards my apartment. First I started fishtailing, so I tried to correct it, but I couldn't get control and I swung one way, then the other, and the next second I remember being flung around. It wasn't until this moment that I realized I was going to hit something. I think the only thing I said out loud was something like, Heavenly Father Help Me. Then the back/side of my car hit the median.

I look up and I'm facing traffic - even though there really wasn't any because it was like 1 in the morning. And it took me a while to realize that I actually wasn't in a lane, rather I was past the line, but it still scared me to death. I see a car coming down the hill and my adrenaline kicks in full gear. Of course I think that car is going to do the same thing I did and is going to slam into my car, thus probably killing me. So I jump into the passenger seat, and then realize that really won't help me. So I get out of the car as fast as possible (the other car is long gone by this point). I know this probably wasn't the best choice, but I seriously thought another car was going to hit me. And going through multiple possibilities of how another car could crush and kill me, I jump over the median so I am on the side where cars are driving up the hill. When I was still in my car I dialed 911 and had been on the phone with them I guess the whole time, even though I only remember dialing the number, I don't remember being on the phone during this whole time.

Anyway, after thinking maybe i should have just stayed in my car, I jump back over the median and start going to my car. But then I look up and these two guys had parked there car on the right side of the road and were coming to help me. They were driving up the hill and saw me crash so they turned around to help me. They ask if I'm ok and one of the guys offered to get me a blanket from his car, but I honestly wasn't cold. At this point the lady on the phone was asking me exactly where I was on the hill, because it borders Orem and Provo, and heaven forbid she should call the wrong police.

Ok, so up until this point I hadn't cried at all. And, my car was gushing some sort of fluid. Anyway, then the guys said that maybe the fluid coming out was gas, so we started stepping away from the car. But then one of the guys went and checked and said it was just blue fluid. These guys were so nice; even though I was on the phone pretty much the whole time they were there, I don't know what I would have done without them there. I kept thanking them but I don't think they realize how much I appreciated them stopping.

Then the police came and made me turn my car around and park on the right side of the road. Which means that I had to start my car and then drive it. But the policeman pulled his car so he was blocking traffic so I could do this. I must admit, despite the terrible situation and my state, it was pretty cool. So then the policeman - who was really nice - asked my license and such. Then I remembered that I still had my old license (my new one hadn't come yet) and so I freaked out even more and started mumbling stuff to him about how it was old, but I had renewed it and it was just in the mail. But he didn't understand anything I was saying. I must have sounded ridiculous. Anyway, I thought he was going to give me a ticket for having an expired license, but he didn't.

So, while I was waiting in my car I called my dad. And, the moment I heard his voice, I started bawling. Somehow I told him what happened, and you guys I don't know how I have been so lucky in the parent department, but he was seriously the best dad I could have asked for during those moments. He told me I needed to relax and that it was all going to be ok. I kept saying how sorry I was for crashing my car and he just said that it would all be ok and I needed to stop worrying about it. He was so comforting. And it was so sweet. Every time I talked to him he kept saying, do you want me to come get you, I'll leave right now and come get you and take you home, I want you to be somewhere where you can just relax, I'm already up, I'll just come get you, I'm going to come pick you up, you need to just be able to relax, I can leave right now. I talked to him so many times that night, and every time he just kept saying this. It was just, I don't know how to describe it, it was so comforting, it was exactly what I needed. I told him he didn't have to though because I didn't want him to have to drive all the way down here and then all the way back. Even though I really did want to go out to his house. It was easier for my mom to just get me.

Oh my mother. She was freaking out more than I was, which drove me even more crazy. But she's my mom and she just loves me. But it's really hard for me when I'm trying to stay calm and other people are freaking out, which is what was happening, and so I got really frustrated. But I tried to just stay calm because I know it was just because she was worried about me. I was so grateful that she came to get me. I knew that she would take good care of me, because she always does.

Anyway, so the tow truck came and took my baby away and my mom took me home and I spent the night at her house.

Also, during this whole thing I kept thinking that I should call Jared and tell him what had happened because I was just with him and if something had happened to him, I would want to know. But I was not stable, so I wasn't sure if I should. But I finally decided to just call him. So I called his home phone (since he doesn't have a cell phone), but I forgot that their network had been down so their phone and internet wasn't working. So I left some sort of crazed message. Then I called his mom's cell phone, but she didn't answer, so I left another crazed message. (I really want to know what I said and how I sounded, because I don't remember any of it). So Sunday morning Debbie (Jared's mom) called me to make sure I was ok. Then she woke Jared up and told him so he called me. It was cute because he had just woken up and was all groggy. But he made sure I was ok. I was still in shock from it so I was pretty awkward. But this is all a side note.

I don't know what the state of my car is, hopefully we'll find out today. And I'm pretty sure I'll cry when I find out, because every time I think about it I get all teared up. But my dad let me borrow his old man car for now. But after Christmas break I'll have to figure out what to do if I don't get my car back. But that is for another post and at a later date. I'll try to get pictures. Sorry for this incredible longness. But thanks for the concerns.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Longest Week of My Life

So, this week seems like it's been the longest week of my life. I don't know why, but it has been maddening. Ok, maybe I might know a little reason why, but it's so ridiculous that I'm not going to tell you.

Finals are finally here though. And I'm very excited and also scared for my life. I am greatly looking forward for them all to be over, and so I'm ok with taking them. But I'm real scared because, well, that means a lot of studying, and we all know how I am with that - especially finals. I don't think I ever really studied for finals until last semester. I don't know how I have survived thus far, but I wish it would come back to me now. Mostly I'm just worried about my Contemporary Art test because it requires a lot of analyzing and thinking about things that I just don't fully grasp. But I think it will be ok. I am planning on studying for most of the day tomorrow and then the craziness begins with two finals on Monday, one on Tuesday, and then the last one isn't until Friday.

Um, my little step sister Julie had her baby yesterday morning at 7am! I still haven't seen her because she was having breathing problems because of fluid in her lungs. But she was doing a lot better today and hopefully she'll come home tomorrow. Her name is Kira and she looks real cute. I'll try to get some pictures so I can show you.

My job is pretty awesome. My boss, Mike, is hilarious and totally laid back. It's really fun. I work with all girls and we are quite the exciting bunch. I'll have to tell more stories about that later.

Speaking of jobs, Lisa from Shirley's called me today and asked if I would work tomorrow and all next week. I said yeah right, sucka!...ok, I didn't really say that. I was nice and told her I could only work Tuesday and Wednesday for a few hours. It will be real weird, but whatever.

Have I mentioned lately that I have the best friends in the world? Seriously, words cannot express the feelings of amazingness I feel towards all of you. The times that I have the most fun are pretty much always with you girls. I could get all mushy, but I'll save that for another time. Basically, I love you all terribly. And I miss you.

I must leave now to Becca's super cool Christmas Party, for which I made my 40/50 cookies. That's right, I am also super cool.

Song-O-the-Week: Don't You Dare by Namaskar. So, I came upon this song whilst listening to acoustic music on iLike music playlist on facebook. Random, I know. But I really like this song and I think you should listen to it.