Wednesday, December 30, 2009

look how happy

I know it's a little late, but last last Saturday, the 19th, my best friend in the whole world got married. She was such a beautiful bride and she looked so happy standing next to her new husband, Jared. Of all the guys out there, I'm glad it was him who won her heart.
I'm so happy for you Deb!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

go to bed

Yep, it's 3:30 in the morning. I went to bed at 4 on Sunday night. And like 5 last night. Woke up at 2pm. I know. madness. I really need to go to bed. I have so much grading to do tomorrow. 40, 5-7 page papers and 40 essay tests. I'm spending all day just grading. You should ask me about it to make sure I'm really doing it.

I saw Invictus on Monday. It was really good. That rugby is crazy. Like, whoa. And Morgan Freeman does an amazing job. Inspiring. And the corn dog and ice cream cone I had whilst watching it definitely didn't hurt.

I saw Avatar in 3D too. That was really good. I was iffy about it, but I enjoyed it a lot. And the main guy? really attractive. just sayin. I think I would even be ok seeing it again. all 3 hours of it.

Song-of-the-Week: Happy by Leona Lewis. I really like this song and especially the music video. It's a good one. And, I think we're all just trying to be happy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

bloggy blog

So much has happened this week. A lot good and a lot bad. I don't know which to focus on. The good I think. The bad makes me too sad. So, the good:

I got offered to be a TA next semester (woot woot!) for our dear Professor Magleby. I'm really really really excited. I didn't think they would want me again.

I finished all my papers and such on time. Finals should be a breeze compared to my last week.

I still haven't adequate sleep since.....I don't even remember, last Tuesday or Wednesday I think. Yesterday was a beasty tired day. Today is a little less....this sounds like a bad part haha. The good part is that my body is amazing for staying awake and not hating me too much for not taking good care of it.

I get to throw Deb a bridal shower tonight. I'm super excited. I hope it's good. I don't think I'll ever compare to the friend that she is to me. I feel so priveledged to be her bestie and maid of honor. I feel like such a loser friend. She's just so amazing. So, I hope she loves the shower. Because, I love her :)

I've had so much fun this week with friends. They're worth getting less sleep for.

And speaking of being a TA, I better not be late to my Review Session, which starts in 12 minutes.

OH!! AND, I got accepted to go on Study Abroad in Europe during Spring term!!! I'm ecstatic! but, more on this later :)


Friday, December 04, 2009

love them

I went to Temple Square on Monday with Laura, Jess, and their ward (I think maybe my first fhe attendance this semester ha). It was super cold. But also super pretty. It's really the same every year, but, it's always a different experience with different people. It was really fun. I just love these girls to death.