Sunday, December 16, 2012

My birthday :)

I really am sooo sorry that I haven't been a very good blogger lately (I'm sorry to you guys, but also sorry to myself because I want to be recording memories!). Things have been busy BUT ALSO, blogger decided that I reached my photo limit (what the heck is that about??? is there any way to fix it?) so I'm now on my other email so I can upload pictures again, but it is not ideal.

I celebrated the big 2 5 a few weeks ago. This was a birthday that made me feel old. Like, remembering when I was in high school and met someone who was 25, and I was like, wow, that is so far away...kind of old feeling. haha, but I still feel pretty young

So I had just started my job, and no one knew that it was my birthday, but I was ok with that. people I don't really know celebrating the birthday of someone they barely know...awkward. but next year will be awesome I'm sure, because my coworkers are cool like that. Anyway....I should really start with the morning when I woke up.

I woke up and took a shower. When I got out of the shower I was walking into our room, but I heard a ruckus in the kitchen. So I doubled back and walked into the kitchen to see Jantz making me waffles :) and they were really good waffles! then again anything made my a loving husband who gets up at the crack of dawn is always good. it's just fact. haha

So then I went on my way to work, worked, then came home. Jantz had cleaned the house and bought me flowers and put my presents all over the coffee table. He made me open them immediately.
He got me Runaway Bride (which I have wanted forever! And you better believe I made him watch it with me. Definitely still one of my favorites), a picture from our wedding that he photoshopped (seriously love it), and a fondue pot! (I've said I wanted one for a while but I never thought I would get one. We have yet to use it, but soon we will!). That husband of mine is so generous, I felt so special. Then we went to Cheesecake Factory (yuuuuuummmmmm).

It was such a great birthday and even though getting older is weird, being lucky enough to be happy and to have such great family and friends makes it all worth it :) now here are some pictures... (sorry they aren't intermingled with the's because it wouldn't let me upload anything! what a butt)

I don't think this video will work, but I'm leaving it up here anyways haha

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finally a job!

Now that I've had a week on the job, I'll tell you all about it :)

I work as a Licensing Coordinator at a big company that sells insurance (I'm not allowed to give the company name on social media, but it's a really great place to work and everyone is incredibly nice). I'm still training but eventually I'll be "appointing" agents to sell our insurance. It's a lot of data entry and honestly I think I'll like it a lot.

I was super nervous to start, but so far it has been great. Still a lot to learn, but it's nice to be busy (although I'm definitely missing not being able to hang out with Jantz during the day when he's not at school). One thing I love is that it's only 20 minutes away and I don't even have to get on the freeway. Woot.

There's not too much else to update. We've just been living our fabulous lives haha. Jantz is still doing great in school and I'm still super proud of him :) It snowed last weekend and it has been soo cold. Utah gets cold, but Colorado gets freezing, especially after dark - when it's sunny, it's really not that bad (LOVE the sun out here, it's out all. the. time). Thankfully it's been getting warmer. We've still been cooking dinner a lot, which is lots of fun. In our old apartment, we hardly ever had homemade dinner (I blame our gross old kitchen), but here we've been planning dinners and making two or three a week. Wow how exciting do we sound? haha.

My birthday was on Thursday and Jantz spoiled me silly. I have pictures to post soon :)

AND we're going to New Jersey for thanksgiving on Tuesday. We're so excited to go into NYC and to spend time at my aunt's house with lots of family!!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Halloween (part 2) and some good news

You thought our Halloween partying was done didn't you? Well you were so wrong. We partied it up this year haha. On Halloween night we went to Chipotle for $2 burritos with Jade & John, and Larke & Luis.

I was a bunny

Jantz was a nerd
John was also a nerd (not planned haha), Jade was a pirate,
Luis was a martial arts guy, and Larke was a pumpkin.

After Chipotle we went to his parents house for clam chowder, candy,
and to play cuponk (we've been doing a lot of this lately, and yes we film it every time haha).
I know you're thinking, why did they eat Chipotle and then go eat another meal?
Well, we're just classy like that...and let's face it, I can't refuse my husband some cheap Chipotle. 
Our costumes. Note my cute bunny tail and Jantz's socks haha.

The two nerds. So precious.

All in all, a great Halloween :)

And now for the good news.
My mom sent me this gorgeous (and delicious) Edible Arrangement,
partly as a Halloween present (because my mom is cool like that), and partly...

Look at all the cute animals! haha, they were my favorite,
probably because they were covered in chocolate.



ghost a congratulations because


which I will tell you more about later (but I am VERY excited to be working again!). 
I start on Monday so wish me lots of luck :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Halloween (part 1)

Remember last year when we didn't dress up for Halloween and we didn't go to any parties? Well this year was different. Jantz's sister and brother-in-law (Brooke and Daryl) threw a Halloween party the Friday night before Halloween. They decked out their basement with lots of scary stuff, so you can imagine how scared I was to go down there haha; but I braved my fears and it was really fun. Obviously we had to dress up, and after thinking up a bunch of ideas, we settled on costumes that Jantz had thought up months ago. We went as Jantz's parents, and naturally Jantz dressed up as his mom, and I dressed up as his dad. Haha. It was pretty awesome. Here's the finished product:

(notice our 19th century fashion prints. even though they freak Jantz out, i just love them!)

Us with Jantz's parents (doesn't his dad look just the colonel?)
We all kept mistaking Jantz for his mom haha, even me.

The next day we carved pumpkins with the whole family. Here's my super cute pumpkin.

Jade and John

Larke and Luis

The adorable Crue

Jantz and his finished pumpkin

All of us with our pumpkins :)

Jantz's friend Kevin came along. PS, I'm wearing a flapper costume that
I only had on for like 20 minutes haha, I don't usually wear puffy orange shirts.

Happy (late) Halloween!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Alzheimer's Walk 2012

Sorry for the absence over here. Jantz and I have been on the down low, but don't worry, we've still been having lots of fun cooped up in our apartment (and some really good things are finally happening, but more on that in a week or two).

A few weeks ago...ok ok over a month ago haha (major slacker here), on September 15th, we went on the Alzheimer's Walk in Colorado Springs with Jantz's family. Jantz's grandpa and my grandpa both had alzheimers, so it was great to go and think about our amazing grandpas. Jantz even made the family shirts for the walk! (yeah, he does custom designs and he prints shirts, so, shameless plug of my husband's crazy-good skills). They turned out so cute. The walk wasn't too bad, walking with everyone made it way better (thank goodness it wasn't a run. I never would have made it).

After we finished the walk, we went to go see the Garden of the Gods. Now, for all of you Utah friends, it's like a really mini version of southern Utah - like mini (you'll understand if you ever see it). Don't get me wrong, it was really pretty there and I'm so glad we went, but it was no Utah (I hate to admit it, but I have found a few things about Utah that I really miss......aside from my family of course, I will always miss them :). While we were in the park, we stopped and ate lunch all together. After all the walking, lunch was much appreciated. Then of course we had to pose for pictures...

Thursday, October 04, 2012

some food

Well, I haven't had too much to blog about recently seeing as I haven't been doing much, except making food, which is the point of this post haha. I do, however, have an interview tomorrow for a job I might actually be excited for - so pray that I nail the interview and get the job :) I may also get to teach in January (!!!!...I probably just jinxed it, because I really really want to teach, but too late now). Oh AND, we're flying to Utah next week for my sister's wedding! So excited for her and her soon-to-be husband!!! We haven't all been together since Christmas, so it will be lots of fun. Jantz and I may already have a list of places we want to eat haha, including In and Out, Arctic Circle, and Subway (Colorado doesn't do the points card, can you believe it? and we have had a free sub ready since we moved!).

Anyway....I've been cooking dinner of some sort at least twice a week now, which is pretty impressive.   I've made bread a few times, and cinnamon rolls, AND I made strawberry jam this week with my mom-and-sister-in-law. I love their homemade jam and now have a freezer full of it :)

Pasta with a cream sauce from Rachel Ray (aka Pinterest),
and mushrooms and asparagus.

Chicken parmesan.

Jantz makes the perfect chicken.
Probably the best chicken I've ever had in my life.
And he makes it perfect every time. love.

Cinnamon rolls :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the Denver Art Museum

Since we haven't had any money coming in, we haven't been going out very much, which means not as many fun "outing" pictures. But Jantz had to go the museum for his Art History class (guess who is more excited for that haha), and it was a free day - woot! - so we went to Denver for the afternoon. Jade and John came too, which made it even more fun. I hadn't been to the Denver Art Museum for probably two years, so I loved getting to go again. They don't have a whole lot of the art I love (which, ok, is really most all art, but 15th-19th centuries - LOVE), but they have some, and some was enough for me :)

Don't worry, Jantz isn't picking a wedgie, he was just hiding his notebook.
I'm sure you were worried.

Warhol anyone? Mostly I just am so excited that the MOA finally opened the
Warhol-Murakami exhibit I helped curate! I can't wait to see it in October!
Jade and John

These two paintings of the cowboy and indian might have been
my favorite of the day. Amazing skills.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Wedding: the honeymoon

We went to Breckenridge for our honeymoon. We stayed in this cute little condo and spent time walking around, going out to eat at fancy restaurants, and spending time as honeymooners. We loved going to the local grocery store and getting pastries for breakfast - i. love. pastries. yum. We went to a really nice steak place and had a really good dinner. One of the nights we went to a pizza place and it was was soo good. We were awful at taking pictures, but I'm ok with it only because it meant we were having too much together to even think of pulling out the camera. I did get a few shots in.

Here is our decorated car :)

The mustache might have been my favorite part haha.

And here is some pictures of where we stayed...

The night we got dressed up and went to a nice steak house.

Saturday, after opening all of our presents and Jantz's parent's house,
we went to a Rockies game. It went something like 14 innings. I have no
idea if we won or not...but it was really fun!

Before we left Breckenridge we took a ride on the gondola things.

Of course as soon as we got home, we went to Red Lobster for dinner.
It was delish!

So there's our honeymoon :) I still have to post about our Utah reception! (and what is going on in our lives!!! Which is beginning to get better - ie, I've been getting lots of job calls :)