Monday, August 30, 2010


the dreaded/anticipated grad school has finally arrived.

and i'm surprisingly super excited

the question is, whether i'm really going to commit myself to the hard work, sleepless nights, endless research, and really create something that i'm proud of.

no more coasting
no more going with the flow
no more mediocrity
only dedication, quality, going the extra mile
and most of all, excitement about all of it.

i have to admit, i'm scared to succeed. terrified even. i'm way too ok with just "doing my best" and being ok with whatever results come out of it. because if i don't put my all into something, then i know i can't expect amazing results. i've always hated this about myself.

so grad school can not longer be just a means to an end. it is now a challenge. to myself. to make expectations high, and do all i can to achieve them. which means believing in myself like i never have before.

but i can do it right? it is possible?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

way back when

I was looking through some of my old posts today
and I decided to go all the way back to the beginning.
July 15th, 2005.


that's 5 years ago people.
i don't even know if i could pick 5-years-ago me out of a crowd.
(ok that's a little extreme)
but really. i was just a little girl then.
i knew nothing about life.
nothing about who i was.
nothing about love (especially about love).
nothing about the journey i was about to embark on.
i was so innocent and naive.
you may be tempted to go find my first post and read it,
but for my sake, don't do it :)

but, looking back isn't for nothing.
i can see how far i've come. how much i've learned. how much i've experienced.
and you know what?
it makes me excited for all that i have yet to learn.

and it also gives me something to look back on and laugh. a lot.

Friday, August 20, 2010

muffins muffins

After much lusting, I finally made "Muffins that Taste like Donuts" (enticing name i know). They were pretty delicious, they barely lasted the weekend.

and, i documented the whole experience :)

my dinner whilst making muffins. college student? i think so

the ingredients

my AMAzing kitchen aid

 mixing it all together

 some suga

 all ready for the oven

 almost done

 after a dip in some melted butter and cinnamon-sugar, they look like this

and then they were eaten all gone :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a pet peeve

when someone is writing on a whiteboard and, 
instead of using the provided eraser, 
they for some unknown reason 
erase with their finger/hand/any part of their body.
Does this bother anyone else?
I mean, the eraser is there for a reason.
Do you know how many hand oils you leave on the whiteboard?
Not to mention all the dry-erase marker residue that is left on your hand? (and sometimes people forget and touch their face, leaving marker all over their face.)
It could all just so easily be avoided if they would just use the eraser.

Ok I'm done ranting for the day :)  
Do you guys have weird pet peeves?

Monday, August 16, 2010

a little jungle book

i should preface this by explaining that sometimes when there's a break in conversation
i'll randomly sing or hum 
"...I will go and fetch the water..." from the Jungle Book
but only that line. because those are the only words i remember.
because sometimes awkward singing is better than silence.

so...Jantz sent me this cute text the other morning:

"I will go and fetch the water :)"

It doesn't seem like much, but it made me molto happy (look, some italian skills shining through).
it just goes to show how lucky i am to have a guy who not only loves me despite some odd behavior,
but he knows just what will make me smile.
and it pretty much made my day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a funny

How is your week going? 

Mine is going exactly as it usually does on a Tuesday, which is almost as bad as a Monday (we are only sometimes friends), only a little better.

But has been really good so far (other than work is going super slow). I've been letting the little things get to me recently (good little things=the BEST and very ok. bad little things = the WORST),
but today i'm all about the big picture.
Now I can't wait to go home, 
talk to the boyfriend about happy things
eat some dinner and chocolate
and hopefully watch How I Met Your Mother with my awesome roommates. 
Oh and bask in the fact that I am done with homework and school for three weeks.

AND, you should all read this because i think it's funny, and also so true.

Song-O-the-Week: She's in Love with the Boy by Trisha Yearwood. I hadn't heard this song in so long until it randomly popped into my head last week. So naturally I had to remind you all about it.

Friday, August 06, 2010

one year

Sunday marked one year of being with this guy:

(is it creepy that i love to watch him sleep? it just makes my heart melt a little bit.)

he's pretty much the most amazing person i've ever met.
and he makes me smile every single day.
he constantly amazes me,
be it with how hard he works
or how many times a day he lets me know how much he cares.

we've stuck together through so many obstacles,
and you know what?
not once has he ever lost sight of the future.
of our future.
he gives me such good perspective on life.

i don't know where i would be
without his love and encouragement.
i can't wait for many more years
of celebrating love and happiness with
my very best friend.

love you tons and tons

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today is my amazing
(friend + roommate. that's right derek, i have stolen your word)


She really is freaking amazing. I'm oh so lucky to have her as a roomie.

just look at how cute she is.
she's just as sweet as she looks, even when i make a mess in the kitchen :)

us at my surprise birthday last year.
only a really great friend would befriend your mom
to participate in a surprise party.

she loves food, just like me

oh and she's gorgeous

Ria, I hope this day is full of fun and happiness.
I love you to pieces!


Monday, August 02, 2010

my first official meal in who knows how long

This is a little late, but last Sunday I made dinner. A real dinner. Like with pots and pans and spices.

unfortunately i thought of taking pictures only after everything was all cleaned up and put away. and let me tell you, if you had seen the kitchen right after everything was done, you would have been appalled. I made quite a mess (i haven't cooked in a long time alright? i'm not accustomed to all the multitasking yet). Don't worry, it didn't get this bad, only pretty close...despite the appearance of the stove, the food looked delish (if i do say so myself). The chicken looked the best. with the spices and browning from the pan. very nice. and the pasta, well, was pasta from a box, but it tasted good, so, whatevs. i was pretty proud of myself

before i began my cooking adventure i delved into more familiar territory, baking (i heart baking). I made oreo truffles. which, truth be told, is not baking, because nothing goes in the oven. but boy were they delicious. and now i can't wait to go home to eat one :)

(not mine, but close enough :)
Next time I'm taking pictures for sure.