Monday, August 27, 2012

jackson hole

After graduation we (me, Jantz, and his parents) drove to Jackson Hole for some window shopping and a fun night at Bar-J. Here's some of our pictures...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Wedding: CO reception

Wow...remember when I was posting about our wedding? Well I want to finish! Especially since we just celebrated our 1st year anniversary on Saturday!! After our delicious luncheon, we headed back to the house to set up the reception. It was gorgeous. The perfect day. No rain. Clear skies. Just perfect. Everything that day fell together so perfectly it was obviously destiny that we were supposed to get married that day. haha, but for real. I changed out of my dress to help set things up - and to pee (I literally had to take my entire dress off to go to the was awkward to say the least).

Even though I helped set things up, and even though I had planned what everything was going to look like, I honestly have no recollection of seeing it all set up that night. I don't know if it looked how I wanted it to look, or if everything went as planned. But I kind of think that that is better, because I get to look at pictures instead, and pictures look perfect, so I get to imagine how perfect it all was (with no idea if anything went wrong). And this is how I get to remember it forever:

The first hour was saying hi to people, and the second was cutting the cake, dancing, and bouquet-throwing. Cutting the cake might have been my favorite thing. You know those people who ever-so-nicely place the piece of cake in their spouse's mouth? We are not those people. I mean, when are you ever going to be able to smash cake all over someone's face without getting it on film? There was no way I was going to pass up that opportunity. And I got him good. Loved every. second. of. it.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted a first dance with my husband and a daddy-daughter dance. I wasn't sold on everyone dancing because I didn't know if anyone would actually dance, so we just planned for those two dances. I have no idea if anyone saw us dancing haha, but it was what I wanted, and I'm so glad I did it. The best part for me is that we did it just as the sun was beginning to set (not planned), and it was just lovely (can I say lovely without sounding ridiculously cheesy?).

Throwing the bouquet and garter happened after it started getting dark, so pictures weren't as good, but I almost like that it was dark - it just looks fun. And it was fun. So, win win.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Last weekend we drove to Utah so that I could walk at graduation. We left Wednesday after work and drove down with Jantz's parents (it was so nice of them to come!). We didn't get in until the wee hours of the morning Thursday, but we didn't want to waste any time, so we got up early (and tired), had a delicious breakfast courtesy of my parents, and went to spend the day with my mom. We looked at getting me some new glasses (ended up just getting my old glasses adjusted), went to lunch, and hung out. Then we went back home, had dinner, watched some olympics, and went to bed. Graduation was on Friday at 8:00am - and I had to be there at 7:15 - so we had leave really early. Here are some pictures from the day...

I can't believe I have finally graduated! (Ok technically I graduated back in June and I already have my diploma, but walking was the real end). It has been such a crazy two years and I did so many things I never thought I could do. As much as I have been missing school, it really has been nice to turn my focus from school to other things, like cooking, decorating, and taking care of my house and husband :) and I think Jantz likes it too haha.

So, on to finding an amazing job :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

family reunion

We went to a family reunion for Jantz's mom's family a couple weekends ago. We drove to Montrose with Jade and John and stayed in a trailer with them and Brooke and her kids. We spent the weekend hanging out with family and playing cornhole (his mom's family is very serious about their cornhole games - there were several tournaments). Saturday we went with Jantz's dad up to Black Canyon (think Grand Canyon, but smaller). It was amazing. Here are some pictures from our fun weekend :)