Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The last weekend in June we went camping with Brooke & Daryl and Larke & Luis (courtesy of Larke's planning :). I can't even tell you where we went, because I still have 0 sense of direction here, but it was way way way up in the mountains. We left Saturday morning and came home late Sunday morning. One night was the perfect length. We each brought a meal to prepare - we did sandwiches for lunch, Larke and Luis did hamburgers for dinner, and Brooke and Daryl did pancakes/bacon/eggs for breakfast (love breakfast food.) and spent the day/night playing "Rate your Mate" and talking. I was a little terrified once we got into the mountains (what if a bear ate us?!) but it turned out to be really fun and just the perfect getaway I needed.

Campfires weren't allowed (as per the devastating fires all over out here), but we still ended up sitting around the fire pit haha. To make us feel less silly we put a lantern in the middle of us after it got dark.

Can you guess which tent belongs to who? Ours is the front left, Larke and Luis' is the brand new one in the back. And the huge sophisticated tent on the right is Brooke and Daryl's haha. It was pretty awesome. Surprisingly it was really hot in our tents during the night. I was expecting to be freezing (because when was girls camp ever not freezing??) so I loved it.

Larke and Luis

Brooke and Daryl

and us :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

wedding, a cabin, rockies game, and gloriana

We made it safely to Colorado and settled into Jantz's parents house - they have been AMAZING to let us stay with them for 6 weeks until we get into our apartment (which we'll now be moving into next week! woot!). It has actually been a lot of fun!

The weekend after we got here, Jade got married. Somehow we didn't get any pictures from that (and I don't think I posted any of Larke's)...but it was beautiful. We are so happy for Jade and John! Now everyone in Jantz's family is married. Crazy what a difference a year makes haha. We've loved doing fun couples/siblings stuff together :)

While the newlyweds were on their honeymoon, we had a whole week of family fun...

We went to a cabin way out in the mountains...and we clearly looked our best while we were there :)

Jantz taught me how to hold an ax....and I learned real well haha. not.

my husband is super manly and of course knows how to hold and use an ax. He was chopping up wood everywhere.

Jantz had way too much fun on this thing. I of course was scared to death every second haha. One of the funnest parts of the cabin was staying up way too late playing Smart Ass. Jantz's mom totally killed us. We loved it so much we got it for my dad's birthday/father's day :) because, let's face it, if my dad is anything, it's a Smart Ass. haha

Before a trek into Breckenridge we stopped by a lake and skipped rocks. The boys were pretty dang good at it. I could only get a few skips...so I took our picture instead.

THEN, we went to a Rockies game. Ok, I promise that we were with his whole family (minus Jade and John) through all of this, even though it looks like it was just us two. I mean, who do you think took this picture?

I honestly don't remember who won, but we always love a Rockies game.

Then there was Parker Days. The parade in the morning was fun as per usual. Especially because they actually gave the adults (ie, us) candy! (which almost never happens). We walked around for a bit afterward. Once night hit, we all went to see Gloriana in concert. for free. outside. It was seriously so fun.
We only knew one of their songs (Kissed You Good Night - which they played on the Bachelorette). They were really good live!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

more moving pictures

our first apartment together :) we're going to miss it.

Doesn't my husband look so intellectual?
We took turns looking awkward in front of the truck...

my fave. haha

Friday, July 06, 2012


I can barely believe that it has been over a month since I last posted any updates (aside from Father's Day :). That means zero updating of all that has been going on over here - which is a lot! I'm gonna try my best to recap.

After 11 days apart (never again), the day finally came to fly home to my much-missed husband. I got to the airport and made the great choice/mistake not to check my flight until after I took the train to my gate. Yep, flight cancelled. Heart dropped. I had to go to the far end of the airport to get to my gate only to turn around and go to the other end only to wait in a huge line with angry people (me being one of them). That flight was the only one for 24 hours that went to Provo, and the flight helper people kept saying that all flights with all airlines to Salt Lake that day were full. I know I wasn't in a real emergency, but at the time it was complete devastation - I had to get home! I missed Jantz! And we were moving that weekend. Long story short, the sweetheart of an old man who helped me somehow by some miracle found a flight for me that left within half an hour. Needless to say, my day - heck my whole week - was so made, and I was SO grateful. I ran to another end of the airport for my new flight. Even though it took an extra hour to get home, it was worth every minute. We were so very excited to see each other.

The next day, Saturday, we went to get the moving truck and a bunch of our friends and my parents came over to help us load up all of our belongings. It only took a couple hours, and everyone was SUCH a help. It started raining just as we put the last thing in the truck. But the fun was only just beginning. We were planning on towing my car behind the moving truck (Jantz drove the truck and I drove his car), but we didn't realize that there was a difference in towing trailers for AWD and 2WD - mine was AWD, and the tow thing we got was for 2WD. And we did not want to pay a couple hundred dollars to get the right one, and my car is pretty old anyway and we wanted to get a new one soon. So.....we made the tough decision to leave my car in Utah (with my gracious parents) and try to sell it. It was pretty sad having to let it go; it got me through my entire college career. Once we got everything decided, my mom took us out to lunch at CPK (we love their BBQ chicken pizza. yum). Then we headed out to Lehi to meet my dad, stepmom and siblings for dinner at Texas Roadhouse  After saying goodbye to all of my amazing parents, we went home to sleep in our apartment one last time.

Morning came and we finished packing up the moving truck. After a surprise goodbye visit from my dad and stepmom (he couldn't let us go without making sure everything was packed correctly haha), we were on our way to Colorado!