Friday, January 30, 2009

AweSomE bloSSom

So, I don't really have anything to post about. Today I find myself in a very good mood. It's kind of weird. I forgot this happy feeling. I quite enjoy it a lot. I just feel......good. And I don't know how long it will last, so I decided I should treasure all the great moments. Here are some things that are awesome right now:

-I have a delicious Cafe Rio salad awaiting me at my apartment and I can't wait to eat it!

-Yesterday I went to work, school, had a study session for Italian, studied for a test, took said test, on some struck of luck got taken to Arby's and didn't have to pay, did laundry, did all of my Italian homework, and was in bed before 12:30

-I was given an...I'll call it an opportunity/proposition...a few days ago that pretty much threw me for a huge loop and I was so very confused about what to do. But yesterday I made a decision and I feel real good about it, even though it might be not so fun to do.

-I know it say it all the time, but I really do have the best friends. I just love having friends that I can call and they just let me whine and complain and cry to no end (and also knowing that they can do the same), sometimes about things that should probably be so simple for me, but just aren't. Because that has been happening a lot lately and I feel so bad about it. But I appreciate it so much!

-My car is fixed and I still can't believe it! My dad is just the best. period. He spent so much money trying to get it fixed and I so do not deserve it. He never once said anything negative about it. I was the one trying to convince him that maybe it wasn't worth it. But he would hear none of it. And I just feel so lucky that he has been so willing to help me. Not just with my car but with tuition and study abroad too.

-My roommates are just too cute. They are youngins, but that is part of the reason I love them. They are always so happy and sometimes they focus on such silly things. It reminds of what those days were like. Not that I don't still have them every once in a while.

-I think I really like my classes this semester. They're all pretty different, and of course I don't always do so well with the homework, but I've really liked learning stuff.

-I actually understand my Italian teacher when he speaks. Last semester this so did not happen. I take this as a very good sign that I'm actually taking in the language.

-Speaking of amazing roommates, I think I'm going to move to Colorado with Larke over the summer and I'm so excited! It's not 100% for sure yet, but I'm going to plan on it I think.

-I am writing this blog at work. I think that leaves no explanation for how awesome my job is.

-I get to look at super cute/awkward pictures of my friendlies whenever I'm at work because I put up pictures of them.

-I just like music a lot and I have been having way too much fun with I listen to it at work and it's pretty much fantastic.

-I think I look pretty cute today. You should have seen me on Wednesday though, that was definitely a good day. So guess really this whole week has been a good looking week.

I guess I will give you a song of the week. let me think....ok

Song-o-the-Week: Do You Know (Ping Pong Song) by Enrique Iglesias. I wish I could explain more about why I chose this song but I have to go to Sitar performance like right this second. But someone made me listen to it today and basically I like it and even though, well, yes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

dear Food Network, oh how I've missed you

This past semester I haven't really had too much time to watch TV, specifically the Food Network. And I love the Food Network. Love. It.

And now I am currently watching a cake Food Network Challenge. And it is fantastic.

Some of my faves are the aforementioned show, Ace of Cakes, Throwdown with Bobby Flay, and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives -this has currently risen to my number one I think.

I just love this channel. I guess it does make me hungry more, because of all the deliciousness that they show, but it is so worth it. I keep holding out hope that one of these days I will watch it and be inspired to start cooking more. Because I'm a slacker when it comes to cooking and I really want to cook more because it sounds so fun to me. I'm good at the baking part I think, but the cooking part is very sketchy. It has yet to happen, but I have the faith.

On a side note, my right knee has been having issues and I don't like it. I can't describe the pain, but it is pretty sharp and sometimes it hurts so bad when I walk down the stairs. It's like a piercing pain. But I think it's going away. So, in case you see me walking down the stairs like a crazy, now you know why.

I'm reading a book called Blink that my dad gave all the kids for Christmas. He has read it and pretty much raves about it quite often. So I was real excited that I got it. I'm a little more than halfway done with it and I must say it is fascinating. I will have to post about it when I finish. Then you can know all my feelings on it...maybe more than you want. haha.

Al-dog's Song of the Week: Unseen by Katie Armiger. I got this song free off iTunes a long time ago. I really like it. I think a lot of times girls feel this way after a breakup. Like, they didn't get themselves across the way they wanted. Or the guy missed out on who the girl really is because he didn't try hard enough. Which is why it's so important not to hold back when it really matters and, if you do, to learn and move on. Anyway, I got more into that than intended. But, it's a good one. quite catchy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the big Zero Nine

So, I am usually one to make New Year's Resolutions, but they're never really serious ones. Just the usual lose weight, be happy, read my scriptures more. And this year I haven't even "made" any. I've thought about some stuff that I want to happen this I guess that is what I'll write about.

I want to find happiness this year (not that I haven't been happy in the past, because I definitely have. But, more like, I'm fine with whatever happens in my life because I can be happy no matter what or who is in my life). And I think, or rather, I know, that the only real way to do that is through Heavenly Father. I read somewhere that if you ever want to really be able to love someone else, you have to be able to love God. To open up to him. To really get to know him. Make him your friend, your ally, your constant companion in everything - everything - you do. So I was trying to think of ways to really make that happen. I think it just comes down to improving things a little at a time.

As many of you have so nicely pointed out, I have somehow lost weight these past few months. And even though it wasn't intentional, I definitely approve of it and I like it a lot. So, I want to maintain this "healthiness" or whatever it is you want to call it. I like feeling good about myself. It's fantastic. I think something just clicked in my head. And walking to campus doesn't hurt either. I used to hate walking to campus. I dreaded it. But now I actually kind of like it. It is necessary to get to school and it's good exercise. And it's hard for me to actually make time for exercise, so this is like a built it system because I can't avoid it. So really, it's a win win situation.

I want to read more books and research more about things I've always wanted to learn about. Most of these things have to do with Art History. And for some reason I think I'll just learn everything in my classes. But this is just not the case. And I have all the resources handy to learn pretty much anything I want about a subject. So I want to take more advantage of that.

I want to stop worrying so much about other people and more about myself. Not that I want to be selfish, but with this whole decision-making problem. I know that the reason I don't like it is because it effects other people. What if they don't like my decision? What if they even reject what I want? I don't like feeling like other people don't like what I want...even though it is totally natural. I just don't like it. And so it's easier just to let other people decide. Because I'm usually pretty good at just going along with what other people want. But some changing needs to happen.

Like with boys. I always will do what they want. And it's not that I don't like it. Because usually just being with them is what I like, so I don't care what we do. And it's not like I'm sad that we're not doing what I want to do, because of the same reason. Or like, if I'm doing homework, but a boy calls and invites me to his apartment, I'm going to go, no matter if that means I have to stay up really late to finish my homework. There's no question. If he has time, then I have time. But I know that this isn't a good thing. My schedule matters just as much as the next person. And I need to stand up for my life and what I'm doing. If they are willing to wait for when I have time sometimes, then they are worth it.

This year started out amazing and then it seemed like it was suddenly all taken away, all in the first days of this dear new year. However, it also opened my eyes to the amazingness that is my life. I have a great job. I am studying a subject that I love, and am getting closer to graduation. I am surrounded by an incredible family who loves me to death. And my friends. Oh my goodness my friends. I will forever be indebted to them.

I think the thing that always loses me is that a year seems like such a long time. Committing to so many unknowns seems like craziness. So I just have to focus on one day at a time. For realsies.

New Year Song-o-the-Week: Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne. Because, well, I think this year is going to rock.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Yes, it's true. School has returned, as I'm sure you've all realized. I was kind of dreading it, but honestly I didn't even think about it until late Sunday night when I realized I didn't even have a notebook to take to class on Monday. But I actually think that school will be pretty good this semester. I like my classes and I know people in all of them, which is very nice.

I love my major more and more every semester. So even though I'll probably go through all of this schooling just to end up with no money and no job, I least I can say I did what I loved. Maybe I'll feel different in a few years....

Thinking of school brought about memories of the good days when The Magic School Bus was my resource for knowledge. Not only did I love the show on TV, but I also had some of the books and would read them all the time.

Songs of the Week: You get two this time because I'm feeling extra musical this morning. The first is Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade. I think I got this free on iTunes a while ago. And I loved it the moment I heard it. And I love it even more so now, even if it is a bit sad. The second is Holding Out for a Hero by Frou Frou. It took me a couple times of listening to this song before I realized that I really liked it. And I do really like it. And I think it's pretty pertinent right now.