Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Woo Hoo

So, basically I am sick of the old post and I am quite excited (okay not really) at the moment because I just finished a paper before 10:30! I mean, I am going to be reading over it tomorrow morning and making adjustments. But the fact is that I wrote it and it is done and woohoo woohoo. My first big assignment of the semester is over.

Okay whoa, I think I was getting way to excited with my words. Although I don't think it was portrayed but there was so much of it going on in my head. Like, having another two or three "woohoo"'s in there and an emphasis on the "over". Anyway, I'm not that excited, but it is late and my eyes hurt and I have eaten way to much food and I am never going to lose weight. But I DO know what the four worldly philosophies are. I will tell you. They are Hedonism, Secularism, Individualism, and last but not least, well, maybe least, not, Materialism. Fun stu--

man alive I just got the inkling to watch some Friends episodes. It has been far too long. It must happen soon, perhaps tomorrow since I am going to be majorly slacking off due to the hard work I have exerted this week.

And I am pretty sure my scarf is lost forever in the black abyss that is edge of our galaxy - perhaps much like that episode I have on tape of the Simpsons where Homer is in 3-D. funny. hahahahah hahahahahaha. okay not that funny. I am laughing really really hard in my head - but not outloud, but in my head there is a wild Mexican party going on filled with craziness. This has gone too far - I am going to let it continue in my dreams and not on the post - which is scarying me more than I ever thought possible.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Cute Squeaky Squeaky, Now Please Die

So, other than school starting, there are much more pressing matters at hand. Like the fact that there is a mice collony living in my basement and yesterday around 10pm, one scurried over my feet while I was taking my clothes out of the dryer. Yes, I did jump and I did yelp. I'm not really scared of the little suckers, but I just don't like knowing they are in my house. But not to worry, my dad came over and we put "poison" throughout so they should be gone and dead soon. Anyway, it was quite the disturbing experience, but I'm glad it is somewhat taken care of.

On to better things, like marriage. Unfortunately (or not, in some cases), it is not me who is getting married. Danielle got married on Thursday. As many of you know (meaning all) I was one of her bridesmaids. Andrea Porter was her other one and she didn't have a maid of honor. The wedding was actually really nice. I am afraid I am too tired to go into detail. If you really want to know, just ask me. There really wasn't anything too exciting. Our dresses were halter-top style with a blueish-greenish color. I put in inserts to cover the clevage area and also made shawls for both of us. They turned out really cute actually. Her mom is like the coolest person ever. I have always liked her. Anyway, fun.

I am really tired and I really don't want to do this whole school thing. Mostly because I am afraid I'm not going to be organized enough and I will forget to do all of my homework and then I will fail. poo.