Sunday, November 29, 2009

I had my own personal tv on the plane, so I watched the food network the whole time. loved it.

Back in Utah. not very excited about it. New Jersey was just way too good. this week was so much fun. i loved every second. I took a bunch of pictures, I'll try to post some soon. Here's one now for your enjoyment, Spiderman up close and personal:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

party in New Jersey

My mother and I are leaving in a few hours to spend Thanksgiving in New Jersey with my awesome aunt and her family. Hopefully we get to go to the Met, which, let's be honest, would be my most favorite thing. I get to maybe go to the Thanksgiving Day Parade too. I get to make pies and be with family. I'd say a pretty good holiday week.

I guess I better go start packing.....

I haven't been able to come up with a good song of the week for a couple weeks, mostly because all the songs I want aren't on playlist. but, I've listened to this song a lot recently (and I also love the show :). love it:

Song-of-the-Week: Take a Bow by the cast of Glee (really just Lea Michele) I don't know why I've loved this song so much, but boy have I. Evertime it comes on my ipod I think, sad song, change it. but then it keeps going, and I love it. And my shout-out to Glee is that I love it. You should watch it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twenty 2

I guess it's about time I write a blog haha.

My birthday was pretty much fantastic.

Thursday was a surprise birthday dinner/party. People just kept popping up: Derek, Amanda, Maria, my mom, Joel, Spencer. I have such cool friends. Amazing hamburgers and onion rings (my fave) and delish eclairs. Oh, and the coolest part, goodie bags, provided by my awesome mom. Very appreciated presents. So unexpected. So fun. Pretty much exactly what I needed.

Friday was a delish homemade dinner with Deb, Nikki, and Trisha. Awesome presents that I will treasure for always. Followed by an excellent girls night of movie-watching. A night with my bestie. I'm afraid the days for such partying are few, so it was a perfect present.

Saturday was a full day of RB (aka racquetball) and delcious sushi with Maria, dinner with my super cool family. really good pizza and the best chocolate cake ever. adorable niece who I think finally knows who I am and actually likes me. I love family time. Then movie with Maria and friends. 2012. intense. homework til 3. Slept at my dad's because my fear of slippy roads is extremely high these days.

Sunday - the BIG day. Recieved many a text and phone call, all of which I loved. It really turned into several days of partying followed by a day of relaxing on my actual birthday. Which really was all I could have asked for. I slept until 1:30 in the afternoon and it was amazing. Had some good, much needed talks with the parents. got really emotional - tears of happiness and relief. Felt extremely loved and undeserving of such love and presents.

Unfortunately, the only pictures taken were at the party on Thursday. so that is what I'm providing you with:


Monday, November 09, 2009

Sometimes grading is awesome

I found this nice little surprise at the end of a test:

"Not part of my essay!: I pay well! How about I give you $20 if you give me an A! Haha just kidding I only have $5 I can give you for an A :) cuz I'm a poor freshman with no spare cash!"

bribing, really?

I think he is my new favorite.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

artsy fartsy

today has been kind of blah. so, in an act of desperation to make my day feel somewhat accomplished, i have come up with some words about the love of my life that is art...

I love art. Here are some things I love about it. I love art that makes you feel something. i love emotion. that makes you pause at the beauty. that makes you question everything you've ever known. i love drapery. the folds. the movement. the contrasting light and dark. i love color. bold color. beautiful combinations that make art worth looking at.

my hands-down favorite work of art. Nike of Samothrace.
whenever i feel like my life is crashing down, I like to look at this. she has just flown down and barely landed onto a ship. she looks so victorious. like, she can do anything. she is that powerful and confident. i love the drapery. like it's fighting against the forces of the wind. the forces of the world are upon her and she has no hesitation in taking it on.

I think this work is precious. it's not necessarily one of my favorites, but i definitely like it. it's Joseph and child by Guido Reni (one of my faves for sure). before this time, Joseph was rarely shown as being apart of Christ's life. but this painting. it's such an intimate relationship between Joseph and his son. He looks so entranced by Christ - like a father with his newborn baby. and Christ's response is playful and just, cute. i love seeing such cute relationships between fathers and their children.

I randomly found this on the internet a long time ago. Konstantin Flavitsky's Princess Tarakanova. There was a legend that she got locked in a room which then got flooded. she had no way out. she must accept her fate, whether she wants it or not. she has a look of such dispare. like life has given her the impossible and she feels utterly alone and helpless. i think we all feel like this sometimes. i know i do.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sister from another Mister

My bestie's birthday was yesterday. I hope she had a great day. She deserves it. School + graduation + planning a wedding + coming home to a messy apartment (and maybe messy roommate?) = need for some amazing birthdayness.

Thanks for putting up with me all the time Deb, you're the best best friend I could ask for.

Since I didn't take any pictures yesterday (terrible, I know), here is one of my favorite recent pictures of us: