Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Wedding: UT reception

After almost a year and half, I am finally finishing posting about our wedding. better late than never though right? haha.

We got back from our honeymoon I think on Monday, then we had Tuesday off to settle in to our new apartment. Then we had our reception in Utah that Saturday. It was at our church (it wasn't my first choice, but we had it at my mom's chapel, and for a church gym, this one is up there with the nicest inside, so it worked). A lot of people came and I got to see some high school friends that I hadn't seen in forever. It was so nice to see so many friends :) Here's a smattering of pictures.

amazing friend and photographer Becca!

Daisy :)

Sandy :)

Nikki :)
Debbie, Jared, and their adorable Violet

He's just too precious

My bouquet toss and Jantz's garter toss turned out better than expected...

Yep, married and married.

married too.
And here we are. Just married and so happy.
And a year plus later, we are still so happy. So glad I married this boy. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Jantz's birthday! yay!

Jantz's birthday was really fun this year. It was a whole week of birthday celebration! His sister Jade's birthday is a few days before his, so we had a big family dinner at Olive Garden on Monday and then a big family dinner at PF Changs on Thursday. And then....well, and then I have pictures :)

I got up early on Jantz's birthday and made him muffins (the Jiffy blueberry - they are amazing. we eat a lot of them haha.). And I put signs all over the house. This one is by far my favorite though (so pardon the next day early morning hair and clothes and half-eaten muffin). You'll understand if you've seen the Office episode where Jim and Dwight plan a birthday party for Kelly haha.

After work we went out to Red Lobster for dinner. We haven't been in forever, so it was extra special and delicious.

Jantz really loves his Ultimate Feast.

Yummy food and biscuits.
Once we got home from dinner, we changed (obviously haha), and I made Jantz open his presents. His first one was some new sweatpants! He's had the same pair for way too long. I wasn't sure if he would like these because they're all new and not-worn-in, but he kept them and he wears them. yay!

His next present was Sorry! Jade and John have it and Jantz always wants to play it, so I bought it like a good wife. And we played. and I lost (but he had to win on his birthday :)

As his last present, we stayed in Lakewood Saturday night. We went to Chad's Grill and shared a burger and fries - it was SO good and exactly the kind of burger we've been if only we could find a place closer to home. Then in morning we went to Taste of Denmark (yet again), got a bunch of pastries - including chocolate filled croissants, which might be our new fave. 

Before we went to dinner I made his birthday cake. Now, this story is long and involved, so I'll try to make it short and sweet (ha, sweet, like the cake)....anyway, I have made this cake a lot of times - never had any problems. Well, this time, I must have done something wrong because the two pans of cake overflowed in the oven halfway through baking, which made our whole apartment smell like burning. I had to let them finish baking though, which only made the situation worse. But thankfully what was left in the pans cooked ok and didn't taste like burning. So I took them out to cool and we left for dinner...smelling like burning cake. When we got back I assembled the cake with the delicious frosting. Unfortunately, it ended up looking like this, instead of all nice and pretty like last year. But not to fear, it was still delicious. And after cleaning out the oven, airing out the apartment, and putting our scentsy to good use, we finally got the burning smell out. 

This is the super cool shot I got just as Jantz blew out all his candles. Well, technically one lingered, so he relit the candles two more times to make sure they all went out appropriately. haha, he's a funny one.

And here's a fun picture we took after dinner. Notice Jantz's long hair and bushy beard. Afters several weeks of no shaving and no hair cuts, he finally gave in and shaved and got a hair cut the Monday after his birthday. I decided I love him either way. 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

New Years Eve

For New Years Eve this year....or last year?....the whole family got together and had a fondue night! I just love fondue (which is why Jantz bought me a fondue pot haha). It was delish and a lot of fun. We had cheese, then chicken stock, then chocolate. Cheese has to be my favorite - bread in cheese is just too good. After dinner we played Balderdash. And we even stayed up until midnight! It was a great start to the new year (which so far hasn't been too bad).

Jantz and Jade being super awkward haha

what a cheeseball.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Christmas 2012

We stayed in Colorado with Jantz's family for Christmas. It was really fun to see all of the traditions that Jantz grew up with. We didn't take any pictures of Christmas Eve, but his family always has a really big  dinner. This year it was prime rib and crab legs. It was amazing. (although, I think I ate a little too much clam dip, shrimp, and crab, because I may have thrown up that night. It was not so fun, but the food was too good not to eat!) Good thing I felt better in the morning, because Jantz's mom make a delicious Christmas day breakfast.

Now, here are a bunch of pictures of opening presents :)

they were very excited haha.

my adorable husband

a present from Jantz's parents. I've been to all these places :)
we got his mom a sweater :)

Jantz did amazingly well this year with my presents. He really is the best present-giver.
This is my very favorite piece of art. The Nike of Samothrace. It's basically the reason I went into art history. I almost cried when I opened it. Seriously, love it. He also gave me some books which I loved!
This and the nike sculpture are tied for the best spot. Tickets to Les Mis! I've already seen it a couple times, but the broadway show is touring and they're coming to Denver in May; we found out when we were in NJ and I really wanted to go. So Jantz is taking us :) i just love him so much. I can't wait to see it!
somehow this is the only picture I can find of Jantz opening a present (major fail this year with pictures). I got him a keychain with the Rockies on it. I also got him Batman on bluray, a broncos shirt, a new jacket, some new shoes, a canvas of new york (that we just hung in our room, yay!), and a few other things. It was a really great Christmas and I felt so lucky to spend it with such a great family. If I couldn't be with my family, I'm glad I got to be with Jantz's.