Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i like

i kind of love this buckle ring.
the end.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

what've you been doing?

I feel like I've been majorly slacking on my dear blog. SO much has been going on and I haven't really written about any of it. Don't worry, I'm in the midst of repenting. So here's a short recap of my current events...I went to EUROPE!!!! (ok i know that wasn't a secret, but i'm still in shock that it actually happened. best. decision. ever.)

(this is what my desk looks like when i do homework)
I started a French Reading summer class. boo. it hasn't been too difficult, mostly just takes up a boatload of my time. i don't know how i'm going to survive grad school this fall...

I also started back at work in the lovely CTL. As much as i love it here, it's been rough sitting at a desk all day. I get so restless and uncomfortable from being in the same position for hours. But at least i'm not getting up at the crack of dawn to run around all day (wow working in a bakery sounds a lot like being a mom haha). And I can't wait to be a TA again in the fall!

I moved in with two coolest roommates ever! We've had so much fun already. I pretty much love them to death! We live in a freaking nice apartment with lots of room and a huge balcony. love. it.
And best of all I got to see my wonderfully amazing boyfriend for two whole weeks!!! We got to spend every waking moment together. I even "helped" him make the best steak dinner ever. soo delish. he will definitely be doing the cooking in our house... We got all dressed up and went to Cheesecake Factory (this became tradition months ago). We even got two cheesecakes after our delicious spicy cashew chicken. because he loves food (almost) as much as i do. so good. oh and i loved not having to drive (he still opens the door for me every time, so precious). Saying goodbye to him made me so sad. I miss him soo much, but i'm ever so grateful that we have phones that allow us to talk all day :) i love that boy to death.

So that's my story :) what've you all been doing???

Song-o-the-Week: One Time by Justin Bieber. It was only a matter of time before he made an appearance on my blog. don't worry i'm not a creeper, i just like music. This is a cool acoustic version.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hurry up day!

So here i sit at work. I can't wait to go home today. It's just one of those days (wait, everyday is one of those days...). But today I get to go home and eat a delicious leftover Cafe Rio salad (the sweet pork one of course). I like them the day after almost as much as the day of. Weird? probably. but i just love them!


I do have to do homework all night though....that is not so fun. but the good dinner part totally outways poopy homework.

Oh and I found out that I get Friday off! I know i know, the 24th is on Saturday, but BYU is cool like that and wants to make sure we get our fair share of Utah pioneer holidayness. so, woot. now i can finally get some things done. like hang up pictures...and make a super-awesome-lovey-dovey anniversary present. and sleep in, yay!

And since I still haven't posted on Italy, here's a picture of the Contarelli Chapel, by one of my all time faves, Caravaggio. I love his tenebrism and use of color and especially his drama. Seeing this in person was definitely a dream come true :)
(more to come soon)

Friday, July 16, 2010


in case you didn't know, i LOVE italy. and i definitely love hugs.
and this video is so cute. plus one for the italians.

Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy

Saturday, July 10, 2010

my big fat Greek experience

Study Abroad was non-stop art. We had free time, but mostly our days were packed full. I loved every second of it. First stop was Greece...

We were in Greece for 4 days.

saw the Parthenon. loved it.

ate some Greek food. interesting, but good.

saw some amazing artifacts. loved them.

went to the beach with lovely girls. so beautiful.

saw some huge temples, like the Temple of Zeus. so huge.
That was a mere droplet in the bucket. I saw so many amazing things in Greece. It was the perfect place to start our journey.
Next is Italy....

Song of the Week: Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice. I love this song so much. It's just precious. No matter how many people refuse to believe in you, you can always prove them wrong. Because love can make it through anything.