Friday, January 28, 2011

remember when pam and jim first got together? that was so cute

(I've been watching a lot of old Office episodes lately. The second and third seasons will always be my favorite)

Wow I have been terrible at only excuse is that life has been so busy.

I have been doing homework almost non-stop. But I feel like the more I get done, the more I have to do (shouldn't it be the opposite?!). Even though it seems to never end, I'm pretty excited about all of my projects for this semester. Another annotated bibliography (much akin to last semesters but with more sources); a paper for my Women in France class, which will be about images of the holy family in France and how they differentiate between roles of motherhood and fatherhood (still working on a for sure idea with this one); and then a project for my Gender class, which I'm most excited for because I basically get to do mass research on my thesis. I have pages and pages of lists of books and articles that I need to find and read...which is daunting. But still exciting :)

Jantz has been here for two weeks. He's all settled and getting used to his new job. We've been having so much fun. Here's a few pictures of life this month...

New Years -
awkward picture....we didn't get a good one

My first homemade meal in who knows how long -

 yeah, it took Jantz moving here to make me realize that 
I don't really know how to cook anything (other than boxed pasta and cereal). 
hopefully it will only get better from here. any suggestions of meals to cook that are fast and delicious?

Jantz's birthday! (I always want to write Jantz', you know, like James'. but it just doesn't sound right...)
 his birthday cake i made from scratch. not to brag, but it was amazing :)

 naturally, i had to smear frosting all over his face. it's tradition!

I got him a visor beenie, the movie Batman Begins (he loves The Dark Knight), and a brown Rockies hat (he had been talking about it for months, but I told him it was too expensive, which of course means that I got it for him :) I think I may be breaking my life-long streak of "bad present-buying".

During his break at work he said he was hungry for a chalupa, in & out, and a red baron pizza. Since it was his birthday I made sure he got all of it. So after he got off work we went around to in & out, taco bell, target, and the gas station for drinks. And yes, he ate each thing (with a little help from me of course).

Wow, this has gotten lengthy. Before I go, here's a ridiculous video from the party. They bought mentos and diet coke and Derek had a "good idea"...

Oh AND i got my hair colored and cut today. I love it :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

is it really Saturday already?

Because that means it's the day that Jantz is moving here!!!!

So there's my big news. I hope none of you were disappointed. If you were.....well.....maybe next time ;)

He had an interview over New Years and we were really really hoping he would get it. It just seemed too perfect not to happen. After a week of being SO nervous, he got the call that they wanted to hire him.

That was Monday. They want him to start Wednesday (as in this coming Wednesday). He decided to move out here Saturday (which is today, hooray!), which gave him 5 days to pick up and move to Utah. from Colorado. to figure out how to get out here, where to live, etc etc. As excited as we were, it was stressful trying to put it all together over such a short period of time. It just seemed so surreal. Despite all the stress, things somehow all fell into place. He found a place to live, a car to drive, a way to get out here (and good weather the whole way!).

So....he's currently driving out to Utah. right now. whoa. I get to see him tonight. and every night.

Yep, I finally get to be a girlfriend who gets to see her boyfriend every day. I'll actually be able to say "I'll see you tomorrow". I feel so lucky. Which sounds silly, because that's how it should always be. But really, I feel like I'm getting the biggest blessing (on top of many others over the past couple months).

Even though I would never wish a year and a half of long distance on anyone (really people, it's not easy), I don't think I would take it any of it back. There are things you can learn about another person only by being long distance. We have learned so much about each other from talking so much. And now I get to find out all of the wonderful things that come from being in the same place with my very best friend who (whom?) I love to death.

In the words of a girl in my ward, it's going to be "epic awesome" (Jessica that was for you)

I'm going to try and be a good blogger even with Jantz around, so cross your fingers and forgive me if I'm a slacker for a bit. I promise I'll catch up!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i thought today was thursday pretty much all day...

I was just sitting here, in the midst of homework, when i thought, i wonder how my blog is doing....and then i realized that i have been pretty terrible at writing anything since school started and the new year happened. So many things have happened since then!

-Jantz and i finally got to have a new years kiss together (tmi?). the night also included a late night run to del taco, if that makes it better haha

-school started. and boy did it start! i can't believe a whole week has already passed. I have been busy since day one, which means that everything i was hoping to do last week (including grocery shopping, seeing friends, doing laundry, etc etc) got pushed to this week, and so far no progress on the personal to do list, but i'm working on it, promise.

-i realized i'm really bad at actually recording the happenings of my life on this blog, which makes me really sad and I want to do better in that area. and i mean, this is a blog about my life right? so from now on hopefully you'll actually be able to know how i'm really doing and feeling and all of the "fun" things i do everyday. it's riveting stuff.

-i fell in even more in love with my roommates (in a, "you are the most wonderful friends and roommates" kind of way). for real everyone, they are amazing and i love them to death.

-AND some very exciting stuff has been happening this week, but you'll have to wait for a full recap on that in the next couple days. it's big news people, and i'm so ecstatic about it!

alright, i must be off to read for my 9am class tomorrow (who starts a 2 1/2 hour class at 9?! it's madness i tell you)

and, in case any of you aren't feeling appreciated today, just know that I appreciate you :) thanks for reading my silly blog. if i was cool enough or popular enough to have giveaways, i would give each of you a big candy bar. so instead here's a big candy bar in the shape of a thank you. i think you're all great :)
(ria and b, i would definitely give you two each because i know you are starving ;)