Wednesday, May 16, 2012

picture dump

Quick update of our lives (for those who are curious): We went to Larke's wedding over the weekend! It was so fun and the wedding went great! She looked gorgeous and I am seriously SO happy for her and her new husband! That's the good stuff :) The sad-ish stuff is that I am currently in Colorado until the 25th looking for jobs (yes, it's just as fun as it sounds...except for being with my amazing in-laws - that part really is fun) and Jantz is in Utah finishing up his job. We are both super bummed to be apart! When I get back next weekend we'll be packing up all our belongings and officially moving to Colorado :) so wish us lots of luck :) 

........and now onto some pictures............

I was looking through our pictures last week and found these few gems. Somehow they got overlooked, which is a shame, because some of them (i.e. Jantz and his dad as leprechauns) are just too great not to look at.

When we were in CO in February, Jantz's dad took us to a authentic Danish bakery. And if any of you know my love of European pastries (and cheese, yum), then you know that I loooved this place. It was so cute and everything we got was so good! Can't wait to make weekly trips once we live here.

It's called "Taste of Denmark". If you're in the area, you have to go. have to.
Jantz and his dad all ready for St. Patrick's Day. In the middle of Hobby Lobby. With boas and everything. Sorry but I seriously love this picture. Two peas in a pod.

isn't he just too cute? haha

Jantz's (and mine now I guess haha) nephew. He is literally the cutest little boy I have ever seen. His smile is just too adorable.

And here's us at the new City Creek Center in Salt Lake next to the waterfall :)

Friday, May 04, 2012

my last day at work & possibly my last week in Utah

My last day at work is today. which means that it is also my last day at "school", and on campus. For the past four years I've come to campus to go to work. It has been the best job to have while I was in school. I couldn't have asked for better bosses or coworkers. We've had some pretty great times.

It's going to be so weird turning my computer off for the last time. And having to take all of my things home. so weird. I'm not going to be back here for work ever again. Or for school ever again. I've spent the most of almost every day on this campus since I started college in 2005. It's going to be surreal not to be walking around these buildings anymore.

But at the same time...I'm excited to start a new "chapter". Gosh that sounds cliche haha. But really, as scary as it is having to leave a place I've become so accustom to, I'm looking forward to new things.

We're leaving for Colorado on Wednesday (for one of my best friend/sister-in-law's wedding - soo very excited for her!), and I probably won't be back until the end of the month, and even then it will only be for a few days to pack up and drive back to our new "home" in Colorado. Not what the plan was a few days ago, but that's just how things go sometimes right? I'm going to stay in Colorado to interview for jobs and hopefully get one(!), while Jantz stays in Utah to work until the end of the month - not sure how being apart is going to work out (major sad face).

I thought I would have longer to say goodbye - to my friends, family, and the city I grew up in. But maybe it's good. I don't have to "prepare" for sad goodbyes, I just have to have them. I'm terrible at prolonged goodbyes, I get way too emotional and nostalgic. I think maybe it will be for the best to just rip the bandaid off. I just hope I get to see most (if not all) of you guys before I leave :)