Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finally a job!

Now that I've had a week on the job, I'll tell you all about it :)

I work as a Licensing Coordinator at a big company that sells insurance (I'm not allowed to give the company name on social media, but it's a really great place to work and everyone is incredibly nice). I'm still training but eventually I'll be "appointing" agents to sell our insurance. It's a lot of data entry and honestly I think I'll like it a lot.

I was super nervous to start, but so far it has been great. Still a lot to learn, but it's nice to be busy (although I'm definitely missing not being able to hang out with Jantz during the day when he's not at school). One thing I love is that it's only 20 minutes away and I don't even have to get on the freeway. Woot.

There's not too much else to update. We've just been living our fabulous lives haha. Jantz is still doing great in school and I'm still super proud of him :) It snowed last weekend and it has been soo cold. Utah gets cold, but Colorado gets freezing, especially after dark - when it's sunny, it's really not that bad (LOVE the sun out here, it's out all. the. time). Thankfully it's been getting warmer. We've still been cooking dinner a lot, which is lots of fun. In our old apartment, we hardly ever had homemade dinner (I blame our gross old kitchen), but here we've been planning dinners and making two or three a week. Wow how exciting do we sound? haha.

My birthday was on Thursday and Jantz spoiled me silly. I have pictures to post soon :)

AND we're going to New Jersey for thanksgiving on Tuesday. We're so excited to go into NYC and to spend time at my aunt's house with lots of family!!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Halloween (part 2) and some good news

You thought our Halloween partying was done didn't you? Well you were so wrong. We partied it up this year haha. On Halloween night we went to Chipotle for $2 burritos with Jade & John, and Larke & Luis.

I was a bunny

Jantz was a nerd
John was also a nerd (not planned haha), Jade was a pirate,
Luis was a martial arts guy, and Larke was a pumpkin.

After Chipotle we went to his parents house for clam chowder, candy,
and to play cuponk (we've been doing a lot of this lately, and yes we film it every time haha).
I know you're thinking, why did they eat Chipotle and then go eat another meal?
Well, we're just classy like that...and let's face it, I can't refuse my husband some cheap Chipotle. 
Our costumes. Note my cute bunny tail and Jantz's socks haha.

The two nerds. So precious.

All in all, a great Halloween :)

And now for the good news.
My mom sent me this gorgeous (and delicious) Edible Arrangement,
partly as a Halloween present (because my mom is cool like that), and partly...

Look at all the cute animals! haha, they were my favorite,
probably because they were covered in chocolate.



ghost a congratulations because


which I will tell you more about later (but I am VERY excited to be working again!). 
I start on Monday so wish me lots of luck :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Halloween (part 1)

Remember last year when we didn't dress up for Halloween and we didn't go to any parties? Well this year was different. Jantz's sister and brother-in-law (Brooke and Daryl) threw a Halloween party the Friday night before Halloween. They decked out their basement with lots of scary stuff, so you can imagine how scared I was to go down there haha; but I braved my fears and it was really fun. Obviously we had to dress up, and after thinking up a bunch of ideas, we settled on costumes that Jantz had thought up months ago. We went as Jantz's parents, and naturally Jantz dressed up as his mom, and I dressed up as his dad. Haha. It was pretty awesome. Here's the finished product:

(notice our 19th century fashion prints. even though they freak Jantz out, i just love them!)

Us with Jantz's parents (doesn't his dad look just the colonel?)
We all kept mistaking Jantz for his mom haha, even me.

The next day we carved pumpkins with the whole family. Here's my super cute pumpkin.

Jade and John

Larke and Luis

The adorable Crue

Jantz and his finished pumpkin

All of us with our pumpkins :)

Jantz's friend Kevin came along. PS, I'm wearing a flapper costume that
I only had on for like 20 minutes haha, I don't usually wear puffy orange shirts.

Happy (late) Halloween!!!!