Friday, December 09, 2005

My there is nothing else to know

Okay, so, I actually wrote these "secrets" on Wednesday, not that it matters, but just so you know. Be aware that yes, I am quite embarassed by quite a few of these, if not all.

Here they are:

1. When I was little I thought I was a cat. But you don’t understand – I actually acted like a cat. I made my parents put my meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) in a bowl on the ground next to the table and I would lick it up. This is the real secret and by far the most embarrassing thing: my dad claims that I also squatted on the toilet like a cat – but mind you, it was only once. I tell you, I was a hard core kitty.

2. I am semi-related to a semi-famous actress. Okay, so it is really my first step mom, who I haven't seen in many many years, and she only makes appearances on a TV show – but it is a hit TV show. It’s called Everwood, have you heard of it? Anyway, she is Dr. Abbott’s secretary. Fun stuff.

3. Going along with 2, and also benounced to most people – I am, myself, an actress of sorts. When I was about 4 or 5 I was in a video with my family (which then consisted of my dad, step mom Jan, Austin – my younger step brother, and myself). It is quite a popular flick. Well, only in the church. It is a Family First video and I am only in a segment of it, but I play quite the important role. I actually own it if any of you are interested in seeing my stardom.

4. Now this one I am quite proud of (and also shows how much you all are missing by being so far away). I haven’t bought gas for two months as of December 7. That’s right; believe it, because it’s true. And since I'm talking about my car, my driver side door is beginning to not want to open, so I end up having to walk around to the other side of my car and open it from there. It isn’t much, but it is a secret, and quite odd actually.

5. Now, I must talk about boys - well, one boy. I am starting to really like this guy in my English class. His name is Allen (which really doesn’t fit him, but oh well) and he is really cool. Anyway, I probably won't see him after this semester, but I just thought you should all know. It is probably for the best since I am, in fact, planning on "waiting" for a missionary (which is a secret in itself) - I bet you can't guess who it is. haha

So, there you have it - my secrets. I hope you are all still proud to be my friend, and if not, I still like you...just not as much...just kidding.

Since there is really no one else I know that hasn't be "tagged" I guess this is it. Fun stuff. (but really a fist shaking at Debbie).