Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trading Down?

Yes folks, that is right, I have officially been accepting into UVSC. Not that it's hard or anything; I mean, I was accepted 5 seconds after I applied. But still...

The reason for this sudden change of schools is because I have decided to go into their Culinary Arts program. I figure, why go to a very expensive Culinary School in another state when I can go to UVSC, pay way less, and get the same education.

However, money has definitely been a stress. While UVSC is slightly cheaper than BYU, there are several fees to take cooking classes. Let's ring up some of the expenses:

For each 4.5 credits of cooking class, you have to pay $250 - and there are usually 2 classes a semester;
Tool kits, which are required, are $515;
uniforms, also required, are $50 dollars a set and they recommend 3 sets (I don't know how I feel about spending $150 dollars for crazy black and white checkered pants).

So, all in all, that is about $1165, on top of normal tuition, that I will have to hand over by Winter semester (which is when I will actually start into the program). I don't know about you, but that is a lot of money that I don't have. It may be better than if I went to a prestigious Culinary School, but still.

But a good thing is that my parents have been incredibly supportive - which is kind of surprising. Not with my mom (she is always supportive), but my dad didn't have any complaints when I told him. I guess he has realized that I'm really not going to carry on the tradition of being a physicist. He seems to be all for the plan. So that is definitely a big plus (like this +).

The good thing is that I will be done in 2 years. The sad thing is that I will only be getting my Associates Degree. The scary thing is that my mom wants me to get a bachelors - I mean, I'm all about more schooling, but I don't know if I could handle 4 more years.

Anyway, aside from the stress, I am dang excited. I will be cooking all day and working all night, with room for homework in there somewhere, but it will be so worth it. Anyway, fun stuff.

And I just thought I would take this amazing opportunity to say: The Painters are In...literally

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mystery of the EXPO Revealed

Look, just look at this beautiful creation

What kind of car is it, you may ask? It is a Mitsubishi Expo. And it is my car - only mine is in a light blue.

But what is it really? Well frankly, I haven't a clue. It's sort of a mix between a car, and a van, and a sport vehicle. I have decided that it's about time I get down and dirty with the origin of my car and clarify what, in fact, it really is. So, let's begin:

Here is a Honda Odyssey:

My car is somewhat shaped like a van. It seats seven; but really only 4 comfortably. You see, it is very compact "van" - Micquel can barely fit in the very back, and that is saying something.

This is a Volvo Station Wagon

Mostly I just think it's behind looks a lot like mine.

And this here is a Nissan Sentra:

I think the front is similar - the hood is very small.

This is a Jeep Sport, but it only looks similar from certain angles, namely this one:

From the profile view, it looks very similar.

Well, there you go. For the sake of getting this darn post posted, I will let you decide for yourself what my car is. All I know is that I like it just the way it is.