Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the Denver Art Museum

Since we haven't had any money coming in, we haven't been going out very much, which means not as many fun "outing" pictures. But Jantz had to go the museum for his Art History class (guess who is more excited for that haha), and it was a free day - woot! - so we went to Denver for the afternoon. Jade and John came too, which made it even more fun. I hadn't been to the Denver Art Museum for probably two years, so I loved getting to go again. They don't have a whole lot of the art I love (which, ok, is really most all art, but 15th-19th centuries - LOVE), but they have some, and some was enough for me :)

Don't worry, Jantz isn't picking a wedgie, he was just hiding his notebook.
I'm sure you were worried.

Warhol anyone? Mostly I just am so excited that the MOA finally opened the
Warhol-Murakami exhibit I helped curate! I can't wait to see it in October!
Jade and John

These two paintings of the cowboy and indian might have been
my favorite of the day. Amazing skills.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Wedding: the honeymoon

We went to Breckenridge for our honeymoon. We stayed in this cute little condo and spent time walking around, going out to eat at fancy restaurants, and spending time as honeymooners. We loved going to the local grocery store and getting pastries for breakfast - i. love. pastries. yum. We went to a really nice steak place and had a really good dinner. One of the nights we went to a pizza place and it was was soo good. We were awful at taking pictures, but I'm ok with it only because it meant we were having too much together to even think of pulling out the camera. I did get a few shots in.

Here is our decorated car :)

The mustache might have been my favorite part haha.

And here is some pictures of where we stayed...

The night we got dressed up and went to a nice steak house.

Saturday, after opening all of our presents and Jantz's parent's house,
we went to a Rockies game. It went something like 14 innings. I have no
idea if we won or not...but it was really fun!

Before we left Breckenridge we took a ride on the gondola things.

Of course as soon as we got home, we went to Red Lobster for dinner.
It was delish!

So there's our honeymoon :) I still have to post about our Utah reception! (and what is going on in our lives!!! Which is beginning to get better - ie, I've been getting lots of job calls :)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Castle Rock

I totally forgot to post about our trek up Castle Rock! Towards the end of July we hiked up this big rock called Castle Rock with Larke and Luis, in the middle of the city Castle Rock (thus the city's name...haha). It's really a pretty short hike, more like a walk up a small hill, but it was HOT while we were there, so it seemed a lot worse than it actually was.

Once we hit the actual rock, it got scary. To go up the rock is straight up climbing. And Jantz and I are kind of scared of heights, so were freaking out on the way up haha.

Larke and Luis made it up no problem, so they had to coach us up.  

Once we got up the steep rock, it was such a pretty view.

Monday, September 03, 2012

One whole year

I seriously cannot believe that it has been one year since we got married (and three years since we started dating). It seems like so much longer...and yet so much shorter. Every day I find myself more and more in love with him, even when we have our super boring days of just lounging around doing nothing. Marrying him will always be the best decision I will ever make. And gosh he makes me laugh all. the. time.

We have had so much fun together and have gone through a lot of changes in one year. I finished my master's, we moved to Colorado and into our second apartment, I had no job, then got a temp job, then ended that job, Jantz started school, and we acquired 2 plants (we're all sorts of responsible now haha)! While not having a job, and thus no money to spend, has really sucked - a lot - it has been really nice being able to spend so much time together (just pray I find a job soon!). Jantz has been doing AMAZING with school, I really couldn't be more proud. And since I have all sorts of time on my hands now, I have been actually making dinner regularly, so, I'm pretty proud of myself too.

We didn't do a great job of capturing what we did for our anniversary, but honestly it was pretty low key because we didn't have much money to spend. But we still made it special :)

We went to the Danish bakery that I raved about last year,
and it was just as delicious as ever.  SO GOOD.

His parents came with us because, well, they are the ones who introduced us to it, and they love it just as much as we do. Then we were somehow still hungry so we went to lunch at some mexican place that was really good. Then we went home and I don't really remember what we did until dinner (probably something really fun). We were planning on Cheesecake Factory for dinner because it has sort of become tradition, but Jantz had wanted On The Border for weeks and I knew if we went to Cheesecake the chances of going to On The Border any time soon were slim to none, so I insisted we go there instead (but don't worry, as soon as we get the money rolling in, we're going to Cheesecake Factory!). We filled up on chips, shared fajitas - they are the best, and one of the only things that I like there - and went to Wendy's for a frosty afterward. It certainly wasn't the most extravagant of our anniversaries, but it was sweet and simple and I got to spend the whole day with the man I love, so it was really the best anniversary yet :)

Our year old wedding cake! Yay! We actually didn't eat any until Monday I think, but it still counts right?
Not only did it still look just as cute as it did on our wedding day, it actually TASTED just as good too.

We may or may not have eaten this whole piece...and wanted more.
Don't judge us for eating way too much year-old cake.