Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jantz's art

So...not much exciting has been going on over here haha, so here are some of the drawings that Jantz has been doing in his Drawing class...because he is just cool like that, and I am just super proud of his artistic abilities

he wasn't allowed to do any shading or hair in these two drawings, only line, which is why is face has lines on it and why his beard and hair isn't filled in.

for this he had to draw the positive space of a plant in class, and then do another one of just the negative space. This might have to go up in our house. 

This was his first assignment. Draw two shoes. He chose one of his and one of mine. I like to think of it as a self portrait of us together haha. Aren't we just too cute?

Monday, March 04, 2013

Our Valentine's

We didn't do a great job of documenting our Valentine's this year. But we did have tons of fun. I really hate going out on Valentine's - it's so crowded. So we went out to Cheesecake Factory on Saturday instead. And it was soo good. We got to use our gift card we got from Christmas, which came with a free cheesecake (thanks Josh & Amber!!). It was the perfect amount of fun and romance, which is exactly how I like my Valentine's day to be.

He got me these super cute flowers that smell
so good and are still very much alive on our counter.
We exchanged cards too :)
that heart on the wall may have become
my favorite holiday decoration

I made Jantz a little bouquet of Reese's hearts,
so that he felt special and loved too,
because why is it that only the girl is
supposed to get lovely stuff on Valentine's?
this is them like halfway eaten so it doesn't
look as cool haha.
This is just an extra tidbit. Jantz got to go to a Nuggets game with
his dad for his birthday. Their seats were pretty close and he had
tons of fun :) and they won so he was extra happy.