Thursday, June 30, 2011

Morning :)

Just wanted to drop in a little update that


I did wake up when my alarm went off this morning (ok I may have let one snooze go off...but that's better than the usual who knows how many).

Even though I am little more tired today, it sure felt good to get to work when I planned to (our building has been oddly shaky all day).

Here's to another good morning tomorrow :)

And here's a little "song of the week": Dierks Bentley, Come a Little Closer. I still love his voice. and his name.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

maybe next time I'll talk about CO....

I keep postponing writing another post until I can upload all of my pictures from Colorado and write all about that....but that keeps not happening. obviously haha.

So, until that happens....I will tell you all what has been going on. It's short, trust me.

-I taught an Art History 111 class last night as a sub for one of my friends in the program. Let me tell you, I was so nervous, but afterwards I was so excited to teach my own class this year (whenever that will be...). Talking about art always makes me excited (just ask Jantz who had to listen as I did a quick run through of the lesson).

-I've been terrible at getting up in the morning. Like, really bad. I LOVE sleeping. Love it. And when my alarm goes off, I literally think of every excuse to NOT get up (and I'm reallllllllllllly good at excuses). And sleeping in means I get into work late, and that means less hours, which equals less money, which is no good. So, I'm making a goal for the rest of the week to wake up when my alarm goes off. Think good waking up thoughts for me ok? haha

-Wedding planning is coming along. we found a great photographer for Colorado and I'm so excited to have her photograph our wedding! Jantz is finding us a cute little place to call home. Overall, I'm not feeling super stressed.

-I'm going looking for fabric after work tie around chairs and around trees. I'm thinking Joanns, but anyone else know of a good, cheap place to shop for fabric/ribbon?

That's pretty much what's been going on. Jantz and I are excited to see the new Transformers this weekend. And we bought tickets for Harry Potter (wow how nerdy do we sound?). My next post will have pictures. it has to.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


today was the first day this summer that i thought,

i miss being in school. i'm excited for fall to start.

thankfully that only lasted for about 2 seconds.

Let me be clear that I definitely do not want school to start again because I am so ready to be done. for it to be next summer. So I can have a masters, and find a great job. and so that Jantz and I can move to a different state and start another fun adventure.

Here's to no more silly thoughts about school least not until the end of August :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a week of no blog reading equals so many new posts i can't even count basically this week will be spent catching up on all i've missed :) 

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Friday morning Jantz and I made the 8 hour long drive to Colorado for his sister's graduation (from fashion school - if it wasn't for her I'd probably still be wearing baggy pants and t-shirts). And we're staying for 10 days! We are so excited for some nice time off to relax and hang out with his family. I've even been taking pictures! we'll see how long that lasts....haha.

Here's some fun things we've already done...

We went to Parker Days (which includes a parade and a fair that goes all day with booths and rides and everything) and hung out with Jantz's friends most of the day.

Jantz (finally) bought an iPhone (he's been talking about it for like a year!) and he's so excited about it. and as he should be. he works hard and he totally deserved it. (and we already worked it into our budget - yeah, we've become those people - so we didn't even have to stress about money).

We went to a really good (and spunky) skin doctor because Jantz has had a red spot on his forehead for way too long and we need to figure out how to get rid of it! They ended up having to do a biopsy and he was such a trooper. His mom and I tried to watch but it was rough. He got two stitches in his forehead. Everyone keeps making fun of him, but I think he looks cute and I still love him :)

Jantz keeps talking to me in a Russian accent telling me to go I better go

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


If you're thinking of buying me some licorice (or jelly beans), you will instantly be my favorite if you make sure it's black. Honestly, it is the only way to go. I only know a few people who will even touch black licorice, one being my father, who I actually blame for much of my food taste, at least when it comes to candy (anyone had horehound? yeah, we love it). A few years ago the parents didn't purchase Easter candy until way too late, which meant a lot of weird candy that no one else wanted. You would think I would be very disappointed, as I love robin eggs (which we had none of). But a lot of the candy no one wanted was black jelly beans. So.....pretty much one of my favorite Easters ever.

moral of the story is: black licorice is the best

Monday, June 06, 2011

wedding updates

So, we've been engaged for three weeks. It's seems so much longer. and yet so much shorter. haha

We finally set a wedding date: August 18th (yes, of this year & yes a Thursday).

Now, I've always wanted to be engaged for at least 6 months. but when it came down to it, it was either next April or this August (no winter weddings for me, and definitely no wedding planning during grad school!). So, three months it was. haha. I have no idea if I can get everything done by then, but knowing that we'll finally be married is all I can really think about. We're beyond excited!

Jantz has been the biggest help (which isn't surprising, but I still like to brag about him :). I was starting to stress out about getting everything done (enter: me trying to do everything on my own with no help because i can do it best). I never realized how much of a control freak I am until now. So I've been trying to correct this and trust other people to help out (and who better to trust than my trusty fiance?). Jantz swooped in and now has full control over some pretty important parts (ie, finding us a place to live). I must admit, it feels pretty great letting things go :)

On to other details...

We're getting married in Colorado in Jantz's parents' backyard (which is going to be beautiful, by the way) with the reception there as well. Then we're jetting off to a cabin in the mountains for our honeymoon. The next Saturday we're having an open house in Utah (the day after my big Comprehensive Art History Exam. fun).

So, things are slowly getting done...

Like, I bought my dress (which I am so in love with) and it is in the process of alterations. I have tons of pictures I want to share, but on the off chance that Jantz actually looks at this blog, I'll hold off :)

We picked up my ring on Friday. It is so much more amazing than I pictured it. I seriously can't stop looking at it (it's getting a bit pathetic...). Here are some pictures:

Yep, I love it