Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sleepy Head

I've been trying to "repress" a lot of stuffs this past week so I won't get too stressed, but to no avail. It has all come back this week and now I'm stressed for reals. I have no where to live in the fall, which also means that Larke has no where to live, which means two girls, no home. Missy, a girl I work with, and I are making a wedding cake for our other coworker, Kasey. Which is this Saturday. I've been getting really stressed out with having the mono because I've been working more than I should so I get really tired and my body gets achy and it just doesn't like me.

Anyway, don't get the wrong idea, everything else is going well. I'm still happy and such, it's only when I think of those other things that I get all tense and freaked out. Another girl I work with, Ang even, and I took a completely spontanious trip to Park City on Friday before I went on a date with Jake. Both were very fun. I bought some new jeans that I finally decided to keep and from what I've been told, they are quite the hot ones.

Song of the Week: Shut Your Mouth by Automatic Loveletter. I have really come to love this band. They only have one EP album out, but it's a good one. This song has gotten stuck in my head many a time this week. I wish you could actually hear it because that is really the best part. I tried to get music on my blog so you could all hear it, but I don't know how, but I will look into it more later.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I have decided that I am going to have a weekly posting of my song of the week. Hopefully it will accompany other topics, but sometimes I am lazy. The tradition starts now!

So, I went to Wyoming this weekend with my friend from work, Angela (aka Ang). She and I are the only singles left at work. So we have decided we must band together to form an friendship of awesomeness. To begin work on said friendship I went with her to her hometown, Lovell, Wyoming. It's in the northern part and is literally in the middle of no where. The town has 3,000 people I think, but we passed some that we 100-300. It was awesome, but also very baren. Her best friend from high school just got back from his mission and she wanted to see him and well, basically, see if there were still feelings there - because there were before he left. So myself and her roommate Sharee accompanied her for support. It was about an eight hour drive of desert and snacks and some pretty hoppin' music - oh and exciting conversations about guys and life and such.

She lives on a farm with horses and silos and such. It's the house her dad grew up in even. Her parents were amazing and so nice. I mean, like, the perfect couple. You can tell they still love each other and joke around with each other. And they are so open and Ang talks to them about everything - well, a lot of things. And they love their kids so much. Her dad was the kind of dad I want my husband to be to our children, basically most of what my dad wasn't (I still love me dad to death, by the way). Needless to say, I had a lot of fun and I'm probably going to travel up to Salt Lake maybe on occasion (which is where she lives). She is crazy and fun and pretty open about everything and for some reason she thinks I'm fun and funny.

Especially because I just found out my brother, Josh, Amber and Izzy are moving to Salt Lake! I'm so sad, but also happy because they get to live on their own.

Al-dog's song of the week: Dance Like There's No Tomorrow by Paula Abdul
I just want to "forget about all my problems" and "stay right here on the floor, Get lost in the night And dance like there's no tomorrow". The lyrics pretty much typify exactly what I'm thinking right now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I want my waterbed back

When I was a child - a baby even - until I left home, I slept on a wonderful waterbed that my dad built with his own two hands. I wish I had a picture of the real thing, but this will have to do. I miss it terribly. It was so comfortable. You could just wiggle a little bit and the whole thing would move like the ocean - but not in the ocean because that would be the scariest thing ever. It was like being gently rocked to sleep. I know, you want one now don't you? I do. These little apartment beds just don't cut it. Plus I had these awesome monster letter sheets. All the letters of the alphabet were monsters and they had names that started with the letter. When I was little they actually gave me nightmares, but as I got older I grew to love those little monsters.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Las Vegas continued...or for the first time

Here are some pictures I stole from Deb from our Las Vegas trip. I think they are awesome.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I've got me some mono

Yes it's true, I have mono. And no, it is not fun at all. I'm not entirely sure where I got it from, but I'm going to blame our roommate Stephanie who moved out a couple weeks ago because she thought she had it. I guess technically the timing was good enough that I could blame Bryan - and trust me, this is my choice, at least it's somewhat of a good story - but if he had it then I would have gotten it way sooner.

My mom has been amazing and has taken care of me the past few days. I forgot how much I missed staying at her house and seeing her all the time. When I'm sick, there's nothing better than having my mom take care of me. It's somewhat of a comfort food, if you will.

But anyway, it's been pretty miserable the past week. So, when you have mono your spleen swells, making it somewhat painful and uncomfortable to breathe deeply. Also, I've had a fever off and on every day. Probably the main thing right now is the sore throat - severe sore throat. My glands and tonsils are really swollen and it hurts every time I swallow. every time. The worst part is that all of this gets worse when I try to sleep - especially in the throat area - and sleeping is how you're supposed to help get rid of the mono. So I'm up pretty much all night not being able to swallow because it hurts so bad and then I try to relax by taking some deep breaths, but then my side starts hurting so i stop that and then start getting really frustrated because my body is so exhausted from waking up every half hour and it hurts all over and not even the lidocaine they gave me helps my throat stop hurting. Fortunately last night I slept somewhat better and I'm feeling a little better overall, but that's with no work since Saturday and basically laying around all day. So we'll see how it goes after work the rest of this week. I'm really sorry if I've been kind of out of it recently or if I am for the next several weeks. Hopefully I will be back to normal before school starts.

On a better note, I finished The Host last week and I liked it a lot. It took a while for me to get into it, but after that happened I was hooked. There were a few things that I had issues with, but I mostly ignored them. It was really interesting, but kind of weird at the same time. Anyway, I recommend it.

Now I'm reading Eclipse again because the fourth book comes out in August. Alright, now I'm hungry, so I'm going to go make some soup.