Sunday, February 25, 2007

you want some funny? too bad

so, uh, these are some amazings. take a gander.

quite frankly, i was going to just have this picture as my blog, but i don't think debbie would approve. it may be the best picture I have ever seen. i am at this moment laughing (much harder than you would think-tears are involved) at the wonder that is debbie's facial expression. it's even more funny because she was actually in the process of making a very funny face. fortunately, i was too quick.

This is Brett playing Nintendo. isn't he just so cute?

So, one snowy morning I walked out of my apartment to find this message on my car. Brett called me right when I saw it - yeah, weird timing. anyway, i thought it was pretty cute.

And this is me a couple years ago with my adorable cousin who is now walking and talking. I looked pretty good back then. I'm not sure what happened. haha.

I'm sorry for the lackingness of the blog, i really will try to come up with something interesting in my life. I like oranges.