Thursday, April 30, 2009

Give me an Oreo....please?

I know this will sound cheesy, but even just being here for a few days, I've realized just how much I've missed Larke. We have so much fun together. And even though she has work and school and usually doesn't get home until like 8 or 9 at night, it's still been really good. She's such a good friend and honestly, she's helped me through so many hard times, even when we've been apart. And her family has been so nice and welcoming. Her mom is home during the day and so usually it's just her and me for most of the day. We go on walks in the mornings sometimes and she always makes sure I eat when I should. She's like my colorado mom (no offense mom, you'll always be the best). They have family dinner together. with real meals. It's fantastic. And their house is amazing. They built it a few years ago and the layout is so cool. I might have to take pictures. And the decor? yeah, even better. Every room is decorated with so many cute little things. It's just so homey, but also looks like it could come out of one of those magazines. But it's not like, you don't want to touch anything and you have to leave your shoes at the door and only eat in the kitchen. It's comfortable and classy at the same time. Basically, I love it.

The first couple days I'm pretty sure they were a little worried about me because I mostly just stayed upstairs and read in Larke's room or watched tv. Jantz (Larke's little brother) was always like, where have you been all day? Yeah, so I felt dumb haha. But I've gotten more used to everything, and it's been fun.

Oh, and there was a little den of foxes out in front of the house - a mom and i think 3 babies. They're pretty cute. They moved a couple days ago. Oh, and deer! They are everywhere. On the roadside, in the backyard, in the front yard, in the neighbors yard. I went on a walk today and when I was walking back there were 2 deer like 3 feet away from me on the driveway. Kind of freaky haha.

I'll try to take pictures soon and post them for all to see. I miss everyone a lot!

Song-of-the-Week: She Works Hard for the Money by Kris Allen. That's right, American Idol. I pretty much love Kris. I don't think he will win, but he might be my favorite. I guess this song is kind of ironic at the moment since I'm not working, but in normal life, she does work hard for the money. And I've recently become aware that I love shopping even more than ever, which is not so good with no money coming in haha.


Well, I've made it to Colorado in one piece. Ok, so I got here on Saturday, but I just haven't been in the blogging mood until now.

The ride here wasn't too bad. Everyone, mainly mom, was really worried that I would fall asleep. But nothing of the sort happened. I thought I would want to be on the phone most of the time, but that also didn't happen. It actually scared me more when I was on the phone. Mostly because I wasn't at all familiar with where I was going and it was really windy at some points and it rained off and on and well, I was paranoid. Being in the car that long made everything that much more scary. It must have something to do with being confined in a small space all alone for hours. haha.

It was pretty nice though, just being by myself, blaring music and singing along. Well that wasn't the whole time, I also listened to some conference talks, mostly through the mountains when I was scared I was going to die from the wind and rain/snow action. But I like music a lot. I haven't driven my car since I got here and I miss the radio. Perhaps I'll venture out on my own tomorrow....

Ok, so clearly it wasn't that bad of a drive because, and don't tell anyone, especially my parents, but I took pictures while I was driving so I could document my fun adventure.

First of all, here is deb and i saying our last goodbyes. it was so very sad. I miss you bestie!!!

Here is the one picture I got of me where I risked looking at the camera. Scary I know.

Here is my trusty companion that offered me great services, such as holding crackers, water, gatorade, soda, necessary maps, and of course my beautiful clothes. Don't worry, I was sure to strap it in for extra protection.

This was actually inside an awesome tunnel, but you can't really tell. So mostly this just showcases part of my packed car. Ok, so it wasn't really that packed. but you should have seen the carload I took to my dad's - my car was packed full. I only took like clothes, movies, makeup and such, and of course my guitar.

I miss you all. a lot. but I've been having a lot of fun out here and I just hope I can make this trip something to remember.

Dang I totally forgot a song of the week haha, i know you all are always waiting in anticipation to see which song i'm going to pick. well, at least i'm entertained by it...

Song-of-the-Week: She is Love by Parachute. I finally found out who sung this song. I loved it the first time I heard it but I could never figure out who it was by. Anyway, I think it's a real cute one.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I haven't even started packing yet

Here are some of the reasons I am SO excited to go to Colorado and live with Larke:

-going to movies
-going to out to eat
-getting all dressed up
-going shopping and buying some amazing new clothes
-eating Larke's brownies. so good
-living in a nice house
-lounging about watching movies and tv shows
-getting away from Provo. it's sad, but necessary
-first long road trip on my own, which = cruising in my car with blaring music and singing along to all the music I want
-spending money I don't have
-partying it up as much as possible
-meeting new people...which is a good thing right?
-listening to a lot more country music than usual
-having so much fun with Larke!

I would include a fab picture, but I'm at work and thus don't have the pictures I want.

Speaking of pictures, I will try to take as many as possible. But I've been having problems getting pictures off my camera so there might not be pictures posted for a bit, but I'm trying my best to remedy the situation.

Song-of-the-Week: I shall dedicate this one to Larke. Suspicions by Tim McGraw. Besides the fact that I do like this song, I always think of Larke when I hear it. I can just picture her singing along to it as we drive in her car. Good times.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

finals make my brain special

um, how cool would it be if i had a bbq for my wedding reception? but everything would be smaller, like mini hamburgers and hot dogs? ooo, and delish baked lays. and for dessert we could have like mini old fashion cake donuts with sprinkles. it would be laid back and awesome and i wouldn't have to have a line....oh to dream haha

...not that i'm getting married soon or even close to it, at all, but i just saw this commercial and for some reason it reminded me of bbq and weddings?

the end

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sleeping in

So...last day of classes. woot. I slept in today until 10:15. It was fantastic, even though it was so not allowed. and then i rushed to get to devotional to sit with andy and, well, let's just say that i did not have enough time to properly get ready. and the rain didn't help. so i've just been pretending all day that i look great with my hair up and yesterday's makeup still on. haha. i have natural beauty....right?

I'm so excited that it's almost over. things have been real good, for no real reason really, probably just because i'm awesome haha.

I'm leaving for the big CO in like 9 days. I know I'm only going to be gone for a couple months, but it still seems like a long time. I'm not going to see anyone I know, it's just going to be Larke and me and Larke's fam, which I do know, and her friend Stephanie, so i guess it won't be too weird. but still! no family parties, no friend parties. except of course for the ones that Larke and I will be having every night! I'm going to miss you all and I'll try to take lots of pictures and blog as much as possible, which I'm sure won't be a problem seeing as i won't have school and i may or may not have a job.

Oh and my mom got back from Hawaii today! I'm so glad she's back, I have missed her terribly.

This next week is going to be full of fun stuffs, which I am molto excited for....speaking of molto, I am so going to forget all of my Italian over the summer, I think i will need to do some major practicing. Anyway....

I wish I had some cool stories to tell....hmm...I made some delish brownies over the weekend. Oh, and I went to Easter dinner with Steve's family on Sunday, which equals Jared being there with his girlfriend. I know, what was I thinking, but it was actually pretty fun and we didn't even talk, so it was only a little awkward. I just wanted to see the fam before I left. don't worry though, i looked hot haha

well i must go turn in my last paper of the semester.

Al dog's song-of-the-week: Cry Me a River by Glen Hansard. I have a love of cover songs and i always forget that i like this song haha, which i am only ok with because it was popular a long time ago and thus is somewhat forgotten. but, um, i liked it then too...don't tell anyone.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sesame Chicken = delish

Ok first of all, remember in Conference when Elder Snow talked about Robert Gardner Jr? Well, he is my great great great great great great grandpa. That's right, I am directly descended from him. Not to brag or anything, but the Gardners are pretty much amazing. That Robert was a keeper if you ask me. Oh, and his brother Archibald? Yeah, he was quite the ladies man, he had like 70 children with like 20 wives. Robert only had like 30 kids and like 10 wives. And I've actually read some of his personal journal that was talked about. He had quite the life of challenges. Anyway, just showing a little Gardner pride. And dang I hope I can live up to that legacy that has been passed down.

So, onto summer. I'm going to live with Larke for Spring term and I'm so excited! I think I'm going to leave the 25th, so like 2 1/2 weeks. I'm driving good ol' Sally, so hopefully she'll make it. And speaking of Sally, I renamed her a long time ago but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. So, if anyone remembers, tell me. I think it was an older name, like Bertha or Edna or something. I honestly can't remember and it's driving me crazy. Anyway....

I can't wait for this semester to be over! seriously. Although I think that partying needs to happen before I leave because I said so.

Sorry this post is kind of lame-o. I'll try to write another one before the week ends.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Way

Ok, so a lot of posts ago, like a lot, I talked about a conference talk that I absolutely loved. Well, I keep meaning to post about it, and since we have conference this weekend, I better get this one out before then.

The talk is called The Way and it was given by Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge. Here's it in video form, in case reading it just doesn't suffice...

I listened to it again today as I walked on campus, and it is just such the best talk. I can't say anything about it without just saying exactly what he says. It really puts things into perspective you know? He just lays it all out there. You can choose Christ or you can choose Satan. It is your choice; you know the consequences. The gospel is easy, the world makes it hard. Don't ever give up, just keep on going. Just choose Christ and be happy - be filled with joy even. I don't know, I can't put it into the right words. But whenever I feel down, I listen to this talk, and it makes me feel better, like I can get through anything. That's the power of the gospel though, sometimes you can't explain it, but it just makes life better.

Song-of-the-Week: keeping with the gospel theme, I choose Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. This is one of my favorite church songs. love it. I like pretty much all the versions of this song. I like this guys voice. This one also has some beautiful piano playing, which gets me every time.