Monday, February 04, 2013

Christmas 2012

We stayed in Colorado with Jantz's family for Christmas. It was really fun to see all of the traditions that Jantz grew up with. We didn't take any pictures of Christmas Eve, but his family always has a really big  dinner. This year it was prime rib and crab legs. It was amazing. (although, I think I ate a little too much clam dip, shrimp, and crab, because I may have thrown up that night. It was not so fun, but the food was too good not to eat!) Good thing I felt better in the morning, because Jantz's mom make a delicious Christmas day breakfast.

Now, here are a bunch of pictures of opening presents :)

they were very excited haha.

my adorable husband

a present from Jantz's parents. I've been to all these places :)
we got his mom a sweater :)

Jantz did amazingly well this year with my presents. He really is the best present-giver.
This is my very favorite piece of art. The Nike of Samothrace. It's basically the reason I went into art history. I almost cried when I opened it. Seriously, love it. He also gave me some books which I loved!
This and the nike sculpture are tied for the best spot. Tickets to Les Mis! I've already seen it a couple times, but the broadway show is touring and they're coming to Denver in May; we found out when we were in NJ and I really wanted to go. So Jantz is taking us :) i just love him so much. I can't wait to see it!
somehow this is the only picture I can find of Jantz opening a present (major fail this year with pictures). I got him a keychain with the Rockies on it. I also got him Batman on bluray, a broncos shirt, a new jacket, some new shoes, a canvas of new york (that we just hung in our room, yay!), and a few other things. It was a really great Christmas and I felt so lucky to spend it with such a great family. If I couldn't be with my family, I'm glad I got to be with Jantz's.